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  1. Hassaan Mahmood

    hardworking, honest, determined, wanna be the nuke guy


  2. Darren K Adams


  3. Sanghamitra Anand

    I'm 17, a senior high school-er, making use of Nanohub resources for extra interest and my project work associated with The Junior Academy class of 2016-17. Hope to learn a lot of new exciting...


  4. [Illinois] SIAM Student Chapter Colloquium: Data Intensive Science: New Opportunities, Old Challenges

    14 Jun 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Robert Brunner

    Science, and society in general, is experiencing fundamental change. First is the explosion of data inundating everything from Astronomy to Zoology. Second is the severe impact of the economic recession and the federal budget deficit. Taken together, these challenges illuminate the need for new...