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  1. Best method to calculate Phosphorene band gap apart from HSE06.

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    We know that DFT-GGA underestimates the Phosphorene band gap. HSE06 gives better result. Is there any other computational method apart from HSE06, which gives good result which is very...


  2. What is the suitable tool for calculating the HOMO/LUMO of specific molecular?

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  3. what is conduction band alignment ratio of AlAs/InGaAs/AlAs DBQW ?

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  4. How to calculate the bandgap of a nano sized mixed metal oxide?

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  5. What is the effective mass of electron in InN (Quantum Dot)?

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    I am working with InN QD. I need to know the actual electron effective mass in https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1193

  6. GW for band gap calculations?

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    Hello there:

    I am new to nanoHUB, so please forgive my ignorance. I am fascinated with it by the way!!!. I have briefly followed some tutorials. I am particularly interested in the band...


  7. How much heat energy will be released, if any, while an excited electron relaxes into the valence band in a direct band-gap material?

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    When electrons of a direct band-gap material are excited by photons (from laser source) from conduction to valence band, how much are energy will be emitted in the form of heat during its...


  8. Silicon-Germanium HBT simulation

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    Are there any tools to simulate SiGe HBT devices? The tools must that can also simulate the irradiation effects...