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  1. Fundamentals of Current Flow

    Papers | 30 Jan 2022 | Contributor(s):: Supriyo Datta

    Everyone is familiar with the amazing performance of a modern smartphone, powered by a billion-plus nanotransistors, each having an active region that is barely a few hundred atoms long. The same amazing technology has also led to a deeper understanding of the nature of current flow and heat...

  2. IWCN 2021: Thermoelectric Properties of Complex Band and Nanostructured Materials

    Online Presentations | 14 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s):: Neophytos Neophytou, Patrizio Graziosi, Vassilios Vargiamidis

    In this work, we describe a computational framework to compute the electronic and thermoelectric transport in materials with multi-band electronic structures of an arbitrary shape by coupling density function theory (DFT) bandstructures to the Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE).

  3. Dibya Prakash Rai


  4. Low Temperature Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Seebeck Coefficient in Semiconductor Nanoribbons

    Online Presentations | 09 Nov 2016 | Contributor(s):: Kommini Adithya, Zlatan Aksamija

    IWCE 2015 Presentation. We propose a novel approach to achieving a narrow window-shaped TDF through a combination of a step-like 2-dimensional density-of-states (DOS) and inelastic optical phonon scattering. A shift in the onset of scattering with respect to the step-like DOS creates a TDF which...

  5. Robert Warren McKinney


  6. ab initio Model for Mobility and Seebeck coefficient using Boltzmann Transport (aMoBT) equation

    Tools | 11 Jun 2015 | Contributor(s):: Alireza Faghaninia, Joel Ager (editor), Cynthia S Lo (editor)

    ab initio electronic transport model to calculate low-field electrical mobility and Seebeck coefficient of semiconductors in Boltzmann transport framework.

  7. 1-D Phonon BTE Solver

    Tools | 28 Jul 2014 | Contributor(s):: Joseph Adrian Sudibyo, Amr Mohammed, Ali Shakouri

    Simulate heat transport by solving one dimensional Boltzmann transport equation.

  8. Linearized Boltzmann transport calculator for thermoelectric materials

    Tools | 11 Jul 2013 | Contributor(s):: Je-Hyeong Bahk, Robert Benjamin Post, Kevin Margatan, Zhixi Bian, Ali Shakouri

    Simulation tool to calculate thermoelectric transport properties of bulk materials based on their multiple nonparabolic band structure information using the linearized Boltzmann transport equation

  9. Device Physics Studies of III-V and Silicon MOSFETS for Digital Logic

    Papers | 25 Jun 2013 | Contributor(s):: Himadri Pal

    III-V's are currently gaining a lot of attraction as possible MOSFET channel materials due to their high intrinsic mobility. Several challenges, however, need to be overcome before III-V's can replace silicon (Si) in extremely scaled devices. The effect of low density-of-states of III-V materials...

  10. Direct Solution of the Boltzmann Transport Equation in Nanoscale Si Devices

    Papers | 27 Jun 2013 | Contributor(s):: Kausar Banoo

    Predictive semiconductor device simulation faces a challenge these days. As devices are scaled to nanoscale lengths, the collision-dominated transport equations used in current device simulators can no longer be applied. On the other hand, the use of a better, more accurate Boltzmann Transport...

  11. Two-Dimensional Scattering Matrix Simulations of Si MOSFET'S

    Papers | 27 Jun 2013 | Contributor(s):: Carl R. Huster

    For many years now, solid state device simulators have been based on the drift-diffusion equations. As transistor sizes have been reduced, there has been considerable concern about the predictive capability of these simulators. This concern has lead to the development of a number of simulation...

  12. ECE 656 Lecture 41: Transport in a Nutshell

    Online Presentations | 20 Dec 2011 | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  13. ECE 656 Lecture 29: The BTE Revisited - Equilibrium and Ballistic

    Online Presentations | 11 Nov 2011 | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    Outline:Quick reviewEquilibrium BTEBallistic BTEDiscussionSummary

  14. ECE 656 Lecture 14: The Boltzmann Transport Equation

    Online Presentations | 05 Oct 2011 | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    Outline:IntroductionEquation of motionThe BTESolving the s.s. BTEDiscussionSummary

  15. Lecture 7: The Boltzmann Transport Equation

    Online Presentations | 16 Aug 2011 | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    Semi-classical carrier transport is traditionally described by the Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE). In this lecture, we present theBTE, show how it is solved, and relate it to the Landauer Approach usedin these lectures

  16. Heeyuen Koh


  17. Introduction to Boltzmann Transport Equation

    Teaching Materials | 28 Jun 2011 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska

    This set of handwritten notes is part of the Semiconductor Transport class.

  18. Limitations of the BTE

    Teaching Materials | 28 Jun 2011 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska

    This set of handwritten notes is part of the Semiconductor Transport class.

  19. Manual for the Generalized Bulk Monte Carlo Tool

    Teaching Materials | 23 Jun 2011 | Contributor(s):: Raghuraj Hathwar, Dragica Vasileska

    This manual describes the physics implemented behind the generalized bulk Monte Carlo tool.

  20. Generalized Monte Carlo Presentation

    Teaching Materials | 17 Jun 2011 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska

    This presentation goes along with the Bulk Monte Carlo tool on the nanoHUB that calculates transients and steady-state velocity-field characteristics of arbitrary materials such as Si, Ge, GaAs, GaN, SiC, etc. The tool employs a non-parabolic bandstructure.