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  1. Growth of Precipitate Particle from Super Saturated Solid Solution

    22 Aug 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Matthew John M. Krane

    Use integral analysis to derive growth paramters for a precipitate particle during heat treatment.

  2. Tank Drainage Through a Rising Tube

    14 Aug 2019 |

    Calculate pressures and velocities in a water tank draining through a tube which rises slightly after exit.

  3. Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor Design

    28 May 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Adam Powell

    Sketch the streamlines in a tube CVD reactor and propose a design change which would lead to more uniform deposition.

  4. Chemical Vapor Deposition

    28 May 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Adam Powell

    Calculate boundary layer sizes and deposition rate profiles along substrates on the bottom of a box-type chemical vapor deposition chamber.

  5. A Heat Transfer Calculation

    20 Mar 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Adam Powell

    Outline the steps required to calculate the temperature at the interface between a stationary solid and a fluid flowing past it.