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  1. Md Al Amin Ashik 2011438043


  2. Christian Cabrera


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  4. Myeon Williams

    Mye'on Williams is a Electrical Engineering major at Tuskegee University. His interest is in microelectronics and nanoelectronics. This summer he is working on Agrophotovoltaic project.


  5. Ben Suwarato


  6. Shreyas Sen

    Shreyas Sen is an Assistant Professor in ECE, Purdue University. Dr. Sen received his BE from Jadavpur University followed by Ph.D. from ECE, Georgia Tech in 2011 and has over 5 years of industry...


  7. Hybrid CMOS/SET models for PSpice?

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    Hello! Can anyone tell me where can I find models for hybrid transistors (CMOS and Sinlgle Electron) for designing circuits in PSpice? I must find them for my homework. Thank you!


  8. Models for SETs in PSpice

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      Hello. I am trying to simulate hybrid circuits (cMOS SET transistors) and I can't find models for SET, anywhere... I only want a SET that can simulate properly along with regular...


  9. The programs used for designing circuits in the atomic scale

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    Hey all. I’m new to nanoHUB and to this technology in general. I want to make a paper about Single Electron Transistors for my school, so I’m constantly searching about SET from the...


  10. Andrew Roché


  11. Damodaran Trikkadeeri

    Student in the ECE department at Purdue University


  12. Parag Barua


  13. Yosef Borga

    Attending North Carolina A&T State University.


  14. Abdul Rawoof Shaik


  15. Multimeter

    10 Feb 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Emmanuel Jose Ochoa, Stella Quinones

    Understand the correct procedure for measuring voltage (V) and current (I), and observe the dependence between the interchange of the leads and the sign of the numerical reading.

  16. Resistor Color Code

    10 Feb 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Robert Benjamin Post, Stella Quinones

    Apply the color code to determine the resistance value of a resistor or input a resistance value and determine the color code of the resistor.