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The comprehensive infrastructure needed to capitalize on dramatic advances in information technology has been termed cyberinfrastructure. Cyberinfrastructure integrates hardware for computing, data and networks, digitally-enabled sensors, observatories and experimental facilities, and an interoperable suite of software and middleware services and tools. Investments in interdisciplinary teams and cyberinfrastructure professionals with expertise in algorithm development, system operations, and applications development are also essential to exploit the full power of cyberinfrastructure to create, disseminate, and preserve scientific data, information, and knowledge.

–from NSF's Cyberinfrastructure Vision For 21st Century Discovery

In this context, the nanoHUB cyberinfrastructure integrates middleware components (Condor, VIOLIN) and links to compute and storage resources on TeraGrid and the Open Science Grid to offer the nanotechnology community a set of easy to use services that enhances their research and learning.

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