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  1. how can i use fettoy with matlab

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    hi all, 

    i am doing a research...


  2. using FFEToy

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    I have loaded FFEToy from nanohub but it dosenot work why? should I have another programs.


  3. Im using the FETtoy tool. How can I vary the channel lenght? What parameters should I vary?

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  4. how we can do for multiple subbands??

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    Good Morning Sir, I am trying to simulate FETToy 2.0 for multiple subbands. Can u tell me how we need to change the scripts for multiple subbands??


  5. Why the tool is not working for negative gate and drain bias?

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    I tried to simulate for the I~V curves of CNTFET with negative gate and drain bias (basically a p-type FET), but it shows some error message. As indicated by the simulator we can use a range...


  6. Negative gate voltages

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    Hi there, I am trying to simulate Nanowire MOSFET in a depletion mode. so i would need to have negative gate voltages. But as far as i can see, the simulator doesnt let me simulate for...


  7. source/drain and gate lenght in fettoy software

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    what are the source/drain and gate lenghts in fettoy software for cntmosfet simulation?