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  1. CompuCell3D - 2D wet foam coarsening

    04 Jun 2020 |

    Simulates foam coarsening in a 2D wet foam

  2. CompuCell3D - 2D wet foam coarsening with drainage

    04 Jun 2020 |

    Simulation of 2D wet foam with drainage (gravity)

  3. Rida Mahmood


  4. Rohit Kaushal Tripathy


  5. Allan Maple Oliveira


  6. Adam Powell

    Adam Powell is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at WPI. Research interest: using materials processing, particularly the tools of electrochemistry and process...


  7. Dynamics of Quantum Fluids: Path integral and Semiclassical Methods

    21 May 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Nancy Makri

    The interplay of many-body nonlinear interactions and quantum mechanical effects such as zero-point motion or identical particle exchange symmetries lead to intriguing phenomena in low-temperature fluids, some of which remain poorly understood. Recent advances in theory and methodology have...