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  1. Mar 17 2017

    Antiviral Drugs Research & Development

    Dear Colleague,Innovative approaches in the development of antiviral drugs is crucial for improvements of current therapies and possible new indications. Continually emerging global viral threats...


  2. Jul 08 2015

    Infectious Diseases World Summit (July 8-10, 2015, Boston, MA)

    We are pleased to invite you to attend GTCbio's Infectious Diseases World Summit, which will take place July 8-10, 2015 in Boston, MA. This event seeks to provide a forum for leaders to get the...


  3. Jul 09 2014

    Infectious Diseases World Summit 2014

    GTC is proud to present its Infectious Diseases World Summit 2014, to be held in Boston, MA on July 9-11, 2014. This summit will bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss...