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  1. From Vision to Reality: The NNI at Five Years

    11 Apr 2006 |

    Science and engineering are at the heart of the human endeavor leading to a "knowledge society." They also are the primary drivers of global technological competition. The newest key player in this science and technology arena is nanotechnology, the ability to organize individual atoms and...

  2. Real-time Technology Assessment

    11 Apr 2006 |

    Real-time technology assessment (RTTA) is a social technology that relies on fundamental understandings of the social, moral, political, and economic dynamics of knowledge-based innovation that have developed over the past three decades. These understandings reveal the complex, value-laden...

  3. SURI 2003 Conference Agenda

    07 Aug 2003 |

    2003 SURI Conference Agenda

  4. Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers

    26 May 2005 |

    Presented as part of the 2005 NCN Student Leadership workshop. Original presentation made at the CNS Career Advancement Program for Engineers and Scientists (CNS CAPES)

  5. Introduction to Nanometer Scale Science & Technology

    18 Jan 2005 |

    This seminar will provide an introductory overview for non-experts of the emerging field of nanometer scale science and technology. The following topics will be emphasized: (1) historical background and motivation for the study of nanometer scale phenomena; (2) strategies for controlling the...

  6. NCN Overview

    06 Apr 2005 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    This presentation is an overview of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN) presented at the first NCN Student Conference in April 2005. It is intended to give students an understanding of the NCN's vision and mission.

  7. SURI 2003 Program Highlights

    07 Aug 2003 |

    2003 SURI Program Highlights

  8. SURI 2004 Conference Agenda

    15 Aug 2004 |

    Time Presentation Title Presenter(s) Faculty Advisor(s) Thursday, August 15 9:00 AM Nanotechnology Animation Group Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo   Educational Outreach in Nanotechnology Charles Evans Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo   Carbon Nano Structures: A Web Based Animation...

  9. Understanding Carbon Nanotubes

    15 Aug 2004 |

    Nanotechnology is a recent area which covers almost every educational field. Nowadays, most people are unaware of the benefits of nanotechnology. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are structures that are found and used in nanotechnology.

  10. SURI 2004 Program Highlights

    15 Aug 2004 |

    The 2004 SURI class consisted of 22 students from 13 different universities.Alabama A&M UniversityArizona State UniversityCal PolyMorgan State UniversityNational Polytech Institute Of ToulouseUniversity of MichiganPurdue UniversityNorfolk StatePolytechnic University of Puerto RicoUniversity...

  11. NASA INAC Overview

    26 Jul 2004 | | Contributor(s):: David Janes

    NASA INAC Overview

  12. NSF NCN Overview

    26 Jul 2004 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    NSF NCN Overview

  13. Birck Nanotechnology Center Overview

    26 Jul 2004 | | Contributor(s):: George B. Adams III

    Birck Nanotechnology Center Overview