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  1. JunSik Yoon

    Bachelor's degree of electrical engineering at POSTECH, 2012.Currently, pursuing to receiveDoctor's degree of creative IT engineering at POSTECH, 2016.My major is "characterization of...


  2. Mohamed yusuf Hassan

    Mohamed Y. Hassan received the B.Sc degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, in 2010. Since 2010 he has been a Teaching Assistant with the Department of...


  3. Any models for nano crossbars?

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    I am looking for some kind of SPICE models for nano crossbars; specifically, some models for nanowires, nwfets, crosspoints. However, even though there are models for CNFETs, I could not find...


  4. how can i download 3d simulation data?

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    Is it possible to download 3d simulation results like potential or charge density profiles? I see I can download 1d data in text format but for 3d I am given only image options,...