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  1. OPV Lab

    28 Sep 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Biswajit ray, Camila Andrea González Williamson, Mohammad Ryyan Khan, Muhammad Alam

    Simulation tool for organic solar cells

  2. Solar Cell Fundamentals

    19 Aug 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom, J. L. Gray, Muhammad A. Alam

    A new version of the course has been posted here.  The modern solar cell was invented at Bell Labs in 1954 and is currently receiving renewed attention as a potential contribution to addressing the world's energy challenge. This set of five tutorials is an introduction to solar...

  3. LCOE Calculator

    16 Jun 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Gregory T. Forcherio

    Calculate the Levelized Cost of Energy for a facility or system over its lifetime.

  4. PV Analyzer

    28 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Sourabh Dongaonkar, Muhammad Alam

    Extract compact model parameters from solar cell data

  5. ADEPT 2.1

    25 Feb 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Jeff Gray, Xufeng Wang, Raghu Vamsi Krishna Chavali, Xingshu Sun, Abhirit Kanti, John Robert Wilcox

    This is an advanced version of ADEPT

  6. Limits of Thermal Processes and their Implications on Efficient Energy Utilization

    19 Oct 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Arunava Majumdar

    About 90 percent of the world’s energy use involves thermal processes – thermal engines to generate mechanical power; heating and cooling in buildings; heating involved in manufacturing of steel, cement, glass, petrochemicals etc. To identify opportunities for improving current...

  7. Renewable Solar Energy: Has the Sun Finally Risen on Photovoltaics?

    23 Feb 2009 | | Contributor(s):: Mark R. Pinto

    After a review of the overall renewable energy landscape, including the central role of economics, we present here the case that PV is on the verge of becoming a major source of electrical power through a principle similar to that which underlies the 50 year progress of IC technology - the...

  8. Affordable Clean Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

    20 Oct 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Hukam C. Mongia

    The technical presentation is built around the August 9th 2008 ABC News/Planet Green/Stanford Poll on Environment/Energy in which the majority of the people polled expressed support for the following ideas: increase fuel efficiency standards, allowing drilling offshore, people and businesses are...

  9. Adept

    01 May 2007 | | Contributor(s):: Jeff Gray, Michael McLennan

    Simulates 1D heterostructures, including solar cells

  10. nanoHUB-U: Introduction to the Materials Science of Rechargeable Batteries

    24 Jan 2014

    A free self-paced course distilling the essentials of the materials science of rechargeable batteries.


  11. nanoHUB-U: Introduction to Thermoelectricity

    18 Oct 2019

    This short course consists of two modules, The modules in this course are designed to introduce semiconductor scientists and engineers to thermoelectric science and technology. The first module (by...


  12. nanoHUB-U: Thermoelectricity: From Atoms to Systems

    29 Aug 2013

    This free self-paced course aims to introduce students to the thermoelectric theory and applications using a unique, “bottom up” approach to carrier transport that has emerged from research on...