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The non-equilibrium Greens function (NEGF) formalism provides a powerful conceptual and computational framework for treating quantum transport in nanodevices. It goes beyond the Landauer approach for ballistic, non-interacting electronics to include inelastic scattering and strong correlation effects at an atomistic level.

Check out Supriyo Datta's NEGF page for more information, or browse through the various resources listed below.

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  1. Non-linear Poisson eq. convergence issue for self-consistent calculation in NEGF

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    I was working on Prof. S. Datta's code (https://nanohub.org/resources/19564) for 1D diode. I find the convergence rate is highly sensitive to the initial guess, although...


  2. Issue in obtaining solution of Poisson eq. for self-consistent calculation in NEGF

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    I’ve been working on an exercise matlab code posted by Prof. S. Datta. ( https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1383

  3. Which tool can I use to simulate RITD?

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  4. What can be done with help on NEGF formalism as final year BSc project?

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    I have been studying the nanoelectronics lectures by Dr. Supriyo Datta & also followed his NanohubU...


  5. How to consider electron-photon interaction w/o using self-energy?

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    Hi, In negf, interactions are considered as self-energies. For electron-photon interaction, a perturbation Hamiltonian is derived and then self-energy is found using coupled-field theory. Now,...


  6. how do we impose G

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    According to Kadanoff-Baym book, formula (2-2), one has: = -i G


  7. NEGF Formulism Question

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    I’m not too familiar with the NEGF formalism. But had a very basic question.

    I’ve read that NEGF can be viewed as a “Quantum Boltzmann Equation”. When...


  8. Time-dependent NEGF

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    In the time-dependent NEGF equation, given a sigma_in(t,t’) due to the dot, I am getting an I-V equation that is making it difficult for me to group terms. For instance, looking at...


  9. Quantum dots

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    What I want to do is building an aluminum quantum dot coupled to aluminum leads to observe Coulomb Blockade. To form the tunnel barriers we oxidize the Al in a plasma without any detailed...