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  1. Sep 18 2014

    8th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research & Development Conference

    It is our pleasure to announce the 8th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research & Development Conference, to be held on September 18-19, 2014 in San Francisco, CA to discuss the latest scientific...




  3. Gregor Kovacic

    Gregor Kovacic received his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1985, and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from California Institute of...


  4. Hadley Pattin


  5. Heather Davies


  6. Janae


  7. Locust-flight central pattern generator

    06 Jun 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Lisa L Sproat, NanoBio Node, Jessica S Johnson

    Implements a linear version of Wilson's model of the locust-flight central pattern generator

  8. Neel Parikh


  9. Nikhil Khinchi


  10. Saeyoung Macx Kim


  11. Soft, Biocompatible Optoelectronic Interfaces to the Brain

    07 Jun 2017 | | Contributor(s):: John A. Rogers

    In this talk, we will describe foundational concepts in physics and materials science for these types of technologies, in 1D, 2D and 3D architectures. Examples in system level demonstrations include experiments on freely moving animals with ‘cellular-scale’, injectable optofluidic...

  12. Two-unit oculomotor integrator

    04 Jun 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Lisa L Sproat, Jessica S Johnson, NanoBio Node

    Implements the two-unit model of the integrator of the oculomotor system

  13. [Illinois] MCB 493 Lecture 11: Temporal-Difference Learning and Reward Prediction

    18 Jul 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Thomas J. Anastasio

    Temporal-difference learning can train neural networks to estimate the future value of a current state and simulate the responses of neurons involved in reward processing.

  14. [Illinois] MCB 493 Lecture 14: Future Directions in Neural Systems Modeling

    18 Jul 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Thomas J. Anastasio

    In the future, neural systems models will become increasingly complex and will span levels from molecular interactions within neurons to interactions between networks

  15. [Illinois] MCB 493 Lecture 9: Probability Estimation and Supervised Learning

    03 Jul 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Thomas J. Anastasio

    Supervised learning algorithms can train neural units and networks to estimate probabilities and simulate the responses of neurons to multisensory stimulation.

  16. [Illinois] MCB 493 Neural Systems Modeling

    03 Feb 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Thomas J. Anastasio

    The purpose of this independent study is to give students hands-on experience in using computers to model neural systems. A neural system is a system of interconnected neural elements, or units. Students will use existing computer programs which will simulate real neural systems. They will...

  17. [Illinois] MCB 529 BRH Biological Rhythms in Health and Disease

    24 Dec 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Martha U. Gillette

    Our major research thrusts are to understand: 1) signals that engage the circadian clockwork in the brain, 2) sub-cellular micro-environments that shape neuronal dendrites in development and repair, and 3) emergent behaviors of integrated neuronal systems.

  18. [Illinois] MCB 529 BRH Circadian Control of Liver Function

    24 Dec 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Shelley Tischkau, Martha U. Gillette

  19. [Illinois] MCB 529 BRH Drugs of Abuse and Circadian Rhythms

    24 Dec 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Joshua M Gulley, Martha U. Gillette

  20. [Illinois] MCB 529 BRH Nocturnal and Diurnal Adaptations

    24 Dec 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Rhanor Gillette, Martha U. Gillette