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  1. Simulating Precipitate Morphology using a Phase Field Model

    01 Dec 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Susan P Gentry, Stephen DeWitt, Mingwei Zhang

    For this activity, students investigate how precipitate morphology is affected by materials parameters such as anisotropic interfacial energy and misfit strain. They vary the materials parameters in a series of simulations utilizing the nanoHUB tool PRISMS-PF...

  2. Isotropic random fracture model for metal hydride powder

    01 Sep 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Kyle Christopher Smith

    Simulate particle morphology of metal hydride powder by an istropic random fracture process

  3. Isotropic random fracture model for metal hydride powder

    03 Oct 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Kyle Christopher Smith, Timothy S Fisher

    Metal hydrides can be used to store hydrogen on-board fuel cell vehicles, but the process of fracture which such materials undergo when exposed to hydrogen makes them poor conductors of the heat generated during hydriding. This fracture process creates particles having irregular faceted shapes...