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  1. Illinois ECE 460 Optical Imaging, Chapter 5: Light Scattering

    29 Jul 2008 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Gabriel Popescu, Andre da Costa, Christopher Nixon, Glen Svenningsen

    This chapter covers important topics related to Light Scattering: Simple particles, Rayleigh Scattering, The Born Approximation, Spatial Correlation, Ensemble of Particles, The Transport Equation,...


  2. Illinois ECE 460 Optical Imaging, Chapter 6: Interferometry

    30 Jul 2008 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Gabriel Popescu, Andre da Costa, Christopher Nixon, Glen Svenningsen

    This chapter explains the principles of interferometry, among its topics are: Superposition of fields, Monochromatic Fields, many type of interferometry, Temporal Coherence, etc.Notes developed by...


  3. Illinois ECE 460 Principles of Optical Imaging (Fall 2008)

    30 Jul 2008 | Courses | Contributor(s): Gabriel Popescu

    Introduction to visible and infrared imaging systems covering fields, optical elements, electronic sensors, and embedded processing systems. Lectures and labs cover active and passive...


  4. Illinois iOptics Lecture 5: Deposited Nanorod Films for Biosensor Applications

    17 May 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Brian Cunningham

    Planar photonic crystals have been used as the basis of many biological sensing devices. Here, we successfully demonstrated that the combination of a photonic crystal structure and a dielectric...


  5. Illinois iOptics Seminar Series

    17 May 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Gabriel Popescu, Mustafa Mir, Vikram Chaudhery, Brian Cunningham

    The Optical Society of America and the SPIE local student chapters are sponsoring the 2nd iOptics seminar series.The series includes lectures from graduate students, post-docs and faculty working...


  6. Illinois Nano EP Seminar Series Fall 2011: Current Status of Coherent Large-Scale InP Photonic Integrated Circuits

    02 May 2012 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Frederick A. Kish, Jr.

    The current state-of-the-art for large-scale lnP photonic integrated circuits (PICs) is reviewed with a focus on the devices and technologies that are driving the commercial scaling of these...


  7. Illinois: NanoBiophotonics Summer School: First Impressions (3min video)

    10 Nov 2011 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Nadia Jassim

    Nadia Jassim: Media Director (NanoHub/NCN@Illinois) Directed by/Edit: Nadia Jassim Assistant Crew: Abby Sobh Obaid Sarvana The National Science Foundation NanoHub IEEE Beckman Institute...


  8. Jaeyoun Kim

    Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State UniversityPrincipal Investigator, Plasmonics & Microphotonics Laboratory, Iowa State UniversityJay Kim received his B.S. and...


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  12. Jul 11 2013

    Local Slow-Light Engineering: Hold your photons!

    The NNIN/C at the University of Michigan will be hosting a presentation on “Local Slow-Light Engineering: Hold your photons!”, which will be broadcast live as a web based seminar.Event...


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  16. Md Sohrab Hossain

    PhD student


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  18. Molecular Foundry Photonics Toolkit

    31 Jan 2011 | Tools | Contributor(s): Alexander S McLeod, P. James Schuck, Jeffrey B. Neaton

    Simulate realistic 1, 2, or 3-dimension nano-optical systems using the FDTD method.


  19. Nathaniel G Kinsey


  20. Jan 02 2015

    NCN (nanoHUB) Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Applications

    Applications are now being accepted for the NCN SURF program. Please visit the group page for more information and the link to the application site, on the main Purdue SURF page. This opportunity...