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  1. Poisson Equation Solvers

    08 Jun 2010 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska

    There are two general schemes for solving linear systems: Direct Elimination Methods, and Iterative Methods.All the direct methods are, in some sense, based on the standard Gauss Elimination technique, which systematically applies row operations to transform the original system of equations into...

  2. Poisson Equation Solvers - General Considerations

    08 Jun 2010 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska

    We describe the need for numerical modeling, the finite difference method, the conversion from continuous set to set of matrix equations, types of solvers for solving sparse matrix equations of the form Ax=b that result, for example, from the finite difference discretization of the Poisson Equation.

  3. Computational Electronics HW - Finite Difference Discretization of Poisson Equation

    11 Jul 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck