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  1. Issue in building large polymer system

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    Is it normal to see: "submitting polymer model to remote site ..." for more than 3 hrs for a large number of chains and monomers (100 chains and 1000 monomer). The simulation is still...


  2. How do i make build oriented /crystalline polymers conforming along the same direction using polymer modeler in nanohub.org

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  3. Atom number limits in monomer

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    Dear "Polymer Modeler" Developers,

    Is there any limit that restricts the length of backbone chain and the length of side-chain in a monomer?
    I am trying to build...


  4. What are the Dreiding paramters for graphene ?

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    I am using lammps to simulate PMMA-graphene composite system. I used polymer modeller to create the PMMA chains. I want to add the graphene sheet but I am not sure what bond_coeff,...


  5. Why does my simulation end with an error?

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    I'm interested in building long polymer chains and was eager to try out this tool. However, it appears that I get an error when I begin a simulation of a polymer built from one...