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  1. Your Career Choices after Graduate School and The Most-Neglected Item in your Career Development

    Collections | 07 Apr 2016 | Posted by Duncan McClure


  2. Microphone Recomendation for Laptop/Computer Recording

    14 Oct 2015 | Posted by Joseph M. Cychosz

    To ensure quality recording we recommend use of lavalier microphone when recording a voiced over presentation. Microphone: Audio-Technica ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone Amazon Audio-Technica...


  3. WIND: A HTML5 Presentation Production Tool

    04 Dec 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Joseph M. Cychosz, Tianwei Liu

    The NCN nanoHUB team has developed a HTML5 production tool, WIND, that it uses in the production of online presentations. WIND presentations work with a reference video and a powerpoint file. We have special techniques we use for presentations that are PDF and Keynote based. This talk will...

  4. The Production Process for Online Presentation Content on nanoHUB.org

    04 Dec 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Joseph M. Cychosz

    This presentation will provide an overview of the techniques that NCN uses today to place lecture content on nanoHUB.org. A brief history of how we got from our first days of online content to the current methods we employ will also be presented. The NCN currently uses a variety of commercial and...

  5. Illinois Nano EP Seminar Series Spring 2011: Improve Presentation Slides with Visual Explanations

    21 Dec 2011 | | Contributor(s):: James P Witte

    The evidence from learning science suggests that adding visuals to the text ofinstructional materials can help students learn better (Mayer 2001). If you are looking fora way to improve the usefulness of your lecture presentation slides, exploring ways toinclude visual explanations might be time...

  6. How to Create Online Presentations using Powerpoint

    Using Powerpoint to Create Online Presentations The easiest way to create a narrated presentation for publication on nanoHUB is to use Powerpoint. The Record Slide Show (found under menu Slide...


  7. NCN Powerpoint Presentation Template

    10 Apr 2010 |

    General purpose presentation template with NCN theme.

  8. Introduction to the nanoHUB for Contributors

    02 Feb 2008 |

    This series is a collection of introductory talks describing how you can upload your own content onto nanoHUB.

  9. Presentation Publishing on the nanoHUB

    10 Jul 2007 | | Contributor(s):: Joseph M. Cychosz

    This presentation gives a detailed overview of the process of creating an online presentation for the nanoHUB. It describes how to use Adobe-Macromedia's Breeze presentation tool in conjuction with Microsoft Powerpoint to create a narriated presentation, and how to upload it to the nanoHUB.

  10. Conversion of Movie Files to Flash SWFs for Use in Breeze Presentations

    17 Aug 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Rick DeSutter, Joseph M. Cychosz

  11. Conversion of Animated GIFs to Flash SWFs for Use in Breeze Presentations

    17 Aug 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Rick DeSutter, Joseph M. Cychosz

    This guided tutorial explains the process of how to convertan animated GIF into a Flash SWF which can then be inserted into a Adobe Macromedia Breeze presentation. The tutorial uses Adobe Macromedia Flash MX to perform the conversion process.

  12. Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers

    26 May 2005 | | Contributor(s):: Melissa Hines

    Presented as part of the 2005 NCN Student Leadership workshop. Original presentation made at the CNS Career Advancement Program for Engineers and Scientists (CNS CAPES)