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  1. Peter J. Love

    Peter J. Love is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Tufts University.His areas of expertise are:Quantum Information, Quantum Simulation, Adiabatic Quantum Computation, and...


  2. Onri Jay Benally

    Leader of a quantum hardware team, quantum hardware engineer, IBM quantum administrator/ developer, carpenter from the countryside in northern Arizona.


  3. Manipulating Strongly Interacting Individual Quanta: Photon Molecules and 51 Atomic Qubits

    26 Mar 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Vladan Vuletic

    I will discuss two applications: By coherently coupling light to Rydberg excitations in a dense atomic medium, we have realized a highly nonlinear optical medium where the interactions between individual photons are so strong that two photons can even form a bound state.

  4. Ardinc Edis


  5. Photonic Quantum Computation & Quantum Simulation

    11 Feb 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Philip Walther

    The advantages of the photons makes optical quantum system ideally suited for fundamental quantum physics experiments and a variety of applications in quantum information processing. Here I will briefly review privacy-preserving photonic quantum cloud computing, where quantum information is...