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  1. Abhijith Prakash

  2. Artem Fedyay

    Artem Fediai, M.S. is a post-graduate student at the Department of Physical and biomedical electronics of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He graduated the same Department in 2007. He is assisting...

  3. DrMohan L Verma

    I want to learn ner tools for material characterization. Specially theoretical tools related to computational nanoscience. Solid state battery and other electrochemical device based materials are...

  4. Elvis Flaviano Arguelles

  5. Hossain Ahmad Iztihad

    I am not enough famous to have a biography....

  6. Joshua Obodo

  7. Mark Thomas Lusk

  8. Mayank Rajput

  9. michael tsai

  10. Mirza Mohammad Monzure Elahi

  11. Nadim Chowdhury

  12. Quang Nguyen

  13. Sina Soleimani

  14. Tamar Seideman

    EDUCATION: * 1986-1989 Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry (summa cum laude), The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot. Supervisor: Professor Moshe Shapiro. * 1983-1985 M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry...

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