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  1. Jonathan Patricio


  2. Myeon Williams

    Mye'on Williams is a Electrical Engineering major at Tuskegee University. His interest is in microelectronics and nanoelectronics. This summer he is working on Agrophotovoltaic project.


  3. Marija Ivezić


  4. Nathan Killoran

    Nathan holds a MSc in Mathematics from the University of Toronto and a PhD in Physics from the University of Waterloo. He specializes in quantum computing, deep learning, and quantum optics.


  5. Energy Assurance with Renewable Generation

    13 Mar 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Joydeep Mitra

    This talk will discuss the most significant factors affecting energy assurance in the presence of renewable generation. It will investigate the use of energy storage to mitigate some of the challenges. It will discuss reliability metrics and targets, and a method for quantifying the notion of...

  6. aimal daud khan


  7. Ahsan habib Lingkon


  8. Md. Mukit


  9. PUMP: A tool of global meteorological data for optimizing

    07 Aug 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Binglin Zhao, Xingshu Sun, Muhammad A. Alam

        We have build a PUMP can facilitate the development and optimization of solar farms globally by providing quick access to various meteorological database.      Solar energy is one of the top runners among the renewable energy. The design and...

  10. Jun 13 2016

    International Conference on Nanotechnology For Renewable Energy

    Since 2006, TAPPI’s International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials has been held the preeminent conference on nanotechnology as it relates to renewable...


  11. Rummana Rahman


  12. Nanotechnology Principles Lab: Nanocrystalline Solar Cells

    10 Dec 2015 | | Contributor(s):: SHINE Project, SHINE Project

    This lab consists of activities designed to teach students about solar cells. The entire bundle can be downloaded by clicking on the download link in the upper right or compontents can be individually downloaded by visiting the Supporting Docs tab. Learning Outcomes: To gain a basic understanding...

  13. Hesham Elmeleegi


  14. Fatih KUZAK


  15. mohamed camara


  16. Solar PV

    12 Sep 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Xiaohui Liu, Derrick Kearney, Sudheera Ruwanthaka Fernando, Ann Christine Catlin, Joseph F. Pekny

    Simulates electricity demand in communities with solar PV systems.

  17. Srikanth Chakaravarthy


  18. Anand Khambete

    Graduate in Metallurgy from IIT B


  19. Has graphene ever been sucessfully used in the solar cell application?

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  20. Caterin Salas Redondo