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  1. Double-Clamped Silicon NEMS Resonators Model

    22 Feb 2016 | Compact Models | Contributor(s):

    By Yanfei Shen1, Scott Calvert1, Jeffrey F. Rhoads1, Saeed Mohammadi1

    Purdue University

    Micro/Nanoelectromechanical systems (M/NEMS) are gaining great momentum and interest in a variety of
    applications, such as high-sensitivity mass sensing, tunable signal filtering and...


  2. STM observation of a box-shaped graphene nanostructure appeared after mechanical cleavage of pyrolytic graphite

    24 Dec 2015 | Posted by Rostislav Vladimirovich Lapshin

    The paper is available for free until February 5, 2016 at the following link: http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1SDXDcXa~c3cj R. V. Lapshin, STM observation of a box-shaped graphene nanostructure...


  3. Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 25a: NEMO1D - Full Bandstructure Effects

    07 Jul 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Gerhard Klimeck

    (quantitative RTD modeling at room temperature)