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  1. Sushil Kumar

    A Student cum Researcher in Applied Electronics domain.


  2. Rachel Zonshine

    I am a 7th grade teacher at McKinley School of the Arts in Pasadena, California. I teach 7th grade math and science as well as middle school art.


  3. James Wilson

    I love to share new informations related to Material Science, Biofield Science and many other fields.


  4. Gustavo Javier

    I'm Gustavo Javier Rico. I was born and raised in Mexico City, and came to the United states when I was thirteen. Without speaking any English, and with too much time on my hands the age of...


  5. Amr Abdeen

    Graduate Student at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


  6. Shahadat Hussain Parvez

    A EEE Student from Bangladesh


  7. Armando Cope

    Avid Gamer.


  8. Kah Hou Chan

    I worked for INTEL as a microprocessor failure analysis engineer in Malaysia for about 2 years before taking on a PhD about Ge channel engineering in the Scotland. I am currently in my...