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  1. What does the "keep for later" button in the simulation window mean?

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    Does the simulation keep running even if it's closed? Or does it pause until you open it back from your profile?


  2. Need to hire a nanohub freelancer to model a graphene OFET, vertical transistor -- fees MOSFET

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    I need to hire a freelancer to model and predict a FET.

    I am not familiar with FETTOY.

    You will use a program like FETTOY to help us optimize the design of a FET...


  3. Parameter file on Silicon Nanoribbon FET

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    I am trying to implement the HSPICE deck for Silicon NanoRibbon FET. Can anyone suggest on this? Can we have HSPICE deck for Silicon Nanoribbon FET for simulation like...


  4. Can simulation tools, i.e. server-side software make outgoing tcp/ip connections?

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  5. What software to use to simulation nanotransistor

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    Could you suggest me a software to use to simulate a vertical surround gate nanotransistor other than SUPREM and Pspice?

    Anyone had done any project involving a nano...


  6. how many are there CNTFET simulation methodes

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    Dear Mr/Ms 1- how many are there CNTFET simulation methodes?2- whats resourse for there? 3-i want to khnow about CNTFET with slice gate structure



  7. N-N junction

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    I am trying to simulate N-N junction the first with Nd=1018 and the second with Nd=1014.the doping graph has problem, the doping was 10^18 within the first region and was zero within...


  8. Could VEDA gives a animation of the movement of the all cantilever?

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    VEDA gives the equation of the movement of the end of the cantilever y(xL,t) (where xL is the lentght of the cantilever). Could it be possible to have an animation (that the user could download)...