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Tags: tool:bandstrlab

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  1. effective mass

    Closed | Responses: 8

    I was simulating a rectangular nanowire with the default parameters. It generated extremely small (0.0001) effective masses for band 1 valley 1. Please have a look. Also, we need to have the...


  2. Followup: Uniaxial Strain is Scaled from Entered Value

    Open | Responses: 1

    So I’ve kind of answered my own question:

    I can see that the strains are applied along the z-axis even though the program states along (Exx). So when I ask the program to apply a...


  3. Uniaxial Strain is Scaled from Entered Value

    Open | Responses: 3

    Very nice tool!

    I’m trying to calculate band structure in Si with unaxially applied strain in the < 100> direction.

    Tool version 2.06.

    On the...


  4. Uniaxial Strain Simulation not as specified

    Closed | Responses: 2

    I tried to some simple uniaxial strain simulation for bulk. The problem that I encountered is that even though I specified the initial and final strain, the strain value in the final results is...


  5. Strained nanowires behave oppositely to strain type

    Open | Responses: 4

    Device type: Cirular/Square silicon nanowire – channel dir: < 110>, conf dir: < 100> and channel dir: < 100>, conf dir: < 100> Dimensions: 2.5nm to...


  6. Any cahnce you can include the DOS from the E(k) curves for a 1D Kronig Penny model?

    Open | Responses: 1


  7. What does confinement direction in UTB refer to?

    Open | Responses: 2

    Hi, In calculating the bandstructure for UTB films, the field “Confinement Direction” mentions the “Y” direction. However, the graphic shows “Y” along the...


  8. code crashes when 8nm triangular cross section nanowires are entered

    Open | Responses: 3

    code crashes when 8nm triangular cross section nanowires are entered crashes both in the electronic structure calculation as well as charge-selfconsistent calculation. Error message in the...


  9. wishlist item: compare the initial and the final dispersion in selfconsistent calculation

    Open | Responses: 2

    wishlist item: compare the initial and the final dispersion in selfconsistent calculation. The way to do this is to have the initial dispersion on the left for negative k values and the new one...


  10. wishlist item: 2d cuts through potential and charge through high symmetry lines

    Open | Responses: 1

    wishlist item: 2d cuts through potential and charge through high symmetry lines for example in the ultra thin body have a cut in the 1D quantum well growth direction. In wires in horizontal...


  11. No outputs

    Open | Responses: 2

    Bandstructure Lab, with the default values, is not generating any output figures! I was trying to assign a homework on how strain modifies the bandstructure, but could not get the simulations...


  12. atomic coordinates file should have the right file extension *.pdb so one can read it into a local visualizer right away

    Open | Responses: 2

    The ability to ownload a coorinate file is existing now. However the file comes back as a t *.txt file. It if ame back with the right extension, my local machine could immediately use the...


  13. biaxial strain in bulk produces no results

    Open | Responses: 3

    Starting from scratch with a new simulation I am just turning on bi-axial strain in the bulk simulation mode and I get not simulation results.


  14. Could k be expressed by kx ky kz?

    Open | Responses: 2

    I do not really know the meaning of “effective k” in the result figure.(the square root of kx ky kz?) This tool can show a table of k-E. Is this possible to show the “kx ky kz...


  15. number of bands

    Open | Responses: 2

    Hi I simulated 6 bands, on the results it shows band no 1, 3,6 for Conduction band and like 1 and 3 for valence band. why are 2 and 4 missing

    Thanks Neel


  16. oxide thickness/

    Open | Responses: 1

    what does self consistent calculation mean? when is oxide thickness included for Si NW calculation? Thanks for your excellent tool


  17. simulate CdTe

    Open | Responses: 2

    Is it possible to simulate CdTe nanowire through the bandstructure lab? That will be tremendous help. Thanks in...


  18. simulation is slow for large diameters

    Open | Responses: 1

    I tried to run the simulator for fairly large InAs NW, with diameter ~5 to 20nm. Even with the number of...


  19. Strain in % or fraction

    Open | Responses: 1

    Does the 0.02 denote a fraction or percentage? from usual strain values,it looks like percentage but wanted to confirm


  20. Highly non-spherical heavy hole bands for bulk GaAs??

    Open | Responses: 1

    I calculated the band structure of bulk GaAs. The effective masses for the heavy holes were given as: ...


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