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  1. Strain Tight-Binding model

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    I would like to know how this tool accounts the strain in TB Hamiltonian. Does it alter both the on-site and off diagonals elements? I would truly appreciate if you could help me out.


  2. Bulk Si eff. mass vs. biaxial Strain

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    Hello there,

    I was simulating Strain sweep on Bulk Si. I applied biaxial strain from -0.015 to 0.015 in https://nanohub.org/answers/question/832

  3. No Output

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    Hi there,

    It seems that the tool is not working…I was able to get some output couple of hours back but now it shows only a bunch of log files everytime I simulate anything. Tried...


  4. why the duplicated charge distriboution under low bias gate is not same as the paper?

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    I’m trying to duplicate “ Band structure effect in silicon Nanowire electron transport” paper results for N-MOS, but I couldn’t obtain the same result. In the case of...


  5. Doping the Nanowire

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    Hello, I’m beginner at using this tool. would you please let me know that we can dope the nanowire (channel) itself? thanks


  6. Time for running on steele is far too long compared with nanohub.

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  7. How to get visual results

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    I run with default parameters and get no visual results for bandstructure.


  8. Can not see any results in the drop down menu.

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    When I simulate the tool e.g. UTB default simulation, after completion of the simulation I can not find any outputs .In the results drop down menu input deck, backend code log,...


  9. Tool is not usable right now!

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    Hello, When I use any default setting of the tool -except of the bulk case – then I do not get any results. After clicking on “Simulate” I get the...


  10. The tool does not run

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    Hi, I cannot run the tool: rectangular nanowire band structure calculation.



  11. It seems the tool does not work.

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    It seems the tool does not work. I have made several trials on different structures (bulk/nanowires with the default parameters) but no result was displayed. Could you please check this issue?...


  12. The tool with all default settings (and one for circular nanowire) is not giving any results. The end result is a text file and no E/K, band structures plots.

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  13. Does a positive value of epsilon correspond to tensile strain?

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  14. simulate other materials GaP, InGaP,

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    It would be very interesting to add other semiconductors to the material base especially the ternary alloys like https://nanohub.org/answers/question/688

  15. is it possible to get the numerical value of E(kx,ky,kz) for each k from this program?

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  16. Why isn’t the nanowire simulator working?

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    I have been trying to run the nanowire part of bandstructure lab for some time now, and for some reason, it never returns any calculation results. Does anyone know what is going on?


  17. bulk bandstructure: k-axis scale

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    It seems that the bulk bandstructure shows E-k along L->Gamma->X->UK->Gamma. If so, the k-scale does not seem to be correct. The distance between Gamma and X appear to be...


  18. UTB bandstructure: same results for Gamma->X and Gamma->L?

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    UTB bandstructure plots along Gamma->X and Gamma->L directions show the same results, which seem to be correct only for Gamma->X. I guess this is a plotting problem because the tool...


  19. There is no output . . .

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    The program is not performing the simulation. Reviewed the example video and am not getting any of the results.



  20. No output

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    I only see a couple of logs as the output. What am I doing wrong?