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  1. I have to do a Bound States Calculation Lab for my semiconductor class. One of the plot is for infinite potential well. I don’t know what to enter in the well depht to get the result needed.

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  2. Energy level VS Level number. How can I plot level number???

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  3. Tool improvement request – plotting the eigenstate energies as a function of occurrance

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    The piece-wise constant barrier tool has the capability to plot the energy of resonance states as a function of their occurrance. That enables a simple understanding of the formation of bands...


  4. code crashes when I simulate parabolic confinement with 0.06eV potential shape

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    the code crashes when I start it from scratch, change to parabolic potential and enter 0.06eV or 0.1eV. it seems to work fine when I reduce the potential to 0.01eV