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  1. How to install in Matlab?

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  2. How do I control drain-induced barrier lowering?

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    How do I control drain-induced barrier lowering?


  3. Using the fettoy matlab files

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    How Can I use the matlab m files to simulate the device without using the online tool? 


  4. Need to hire a nanohub freelancer to model a graphene OFET, vertical transistor -- fees MOSFET

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    I need to hire a freelancer to model and predict a FET.

    I am not familiar with FETTOY.

    You will use a program like FETTOY to help us optimize the design of a FET...


  5. How can I get the uscf from this tool,carbon nanotube mosfet?

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  6. Hi, please what are the channel length for the single and DG MOSFETS

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  7. Hi,

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  8. LDOS PLot

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    please can fettoy plots the LDOS along the CNTFET channel?


  9. What is the Gate Length of the four devices being discussed in this tool??

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  10. May I use Fettoy for modeling defected GNRFET?

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  11. wanna download fettoy tool ..pls help..

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  12. can i use fettoy to calculate I-V characteristics of a simple P-N junction before and after illumination to solar energy in 1D ?

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    can i use fettoy to calculate I-V characteristics of a simple P-N junction before and after illumination to solar energy in 1D ?


  13. include more subbands in the simulation

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    FETToy normally considers the contribution of the lowest subband. how can I include more subbands when doing the simulation? It would be my honor to get replied.


  14. Why is the floating source present in the MOSFET but not in the CNFET?

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    I was looking into FETTOY codes for CNFET and MOSFET. I noticed that the floating source is implemented in the MOSFET to ensure charge neutrality but the CNFET code does not have the...


  15. substrate of this model

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    may I know what is the substrate for this model.if I change the substrate of this model,what parameter should I change? example substrate such as https://nanohub.org/answers/question/989

  16. Expansion of the term FETToy

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  17. I would like to know about the gate length of nano scale mosfet

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  18. How do I use the floating source potential?

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    Hi! I was trying to use the MOSFET version of FETTOY and would like to use the floating source potential. I noticed that I need to define the Equilibrium Source Carrier Concentration NSD2D. How...


  19. equation of Id

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    sir, from where can i find equation of Id ,sir in your learning module you have mentioned various equations for double gate but can we apply the same equation to GAA?thanks


  20. Threshold voltage

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    Thanks for such a useful tool.

    How does the entered threshold voltage used in CNTFET calculations, is it just subtracted from gate voltage to obtain effective gate voltage? I cannot see a...