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  1. Problem launching GPU-HEOM example job

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    Hello Christoph and Tobias

    I am receiving the following error when running the example "FMO coherence, 1 peak spectral-density" job using the GPU-HEOM tool on nanoHub. Job ID...


  2. Simulation queueing problem

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    I was trying to run the example with three peaks, but the simulation would never stop and here is what the message look like:

    (1179) Simulation Queued at:...


  3. Could we use other forms of spectral densities?

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  4. Hi, thanks for this tool. could we have complete density matrices at time steps? because I want the off-diognal elements of that.

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  5. How is rotational averaging calculated in this program?

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    When calculating the 2D spectroscopy results using "https://nanohub.org/answers/question/1574

  6. How to fix job launching problem II

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    when I try to run one of the examples, e.g. FMO coherence 1 peak spectral density, the tool always exits with the following error:


    Problem launching...


  7. cannot find output file

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    I am attempting to follow the methodology in Tutorial #1 at quantumdynamics.wordpress.com, however when I hit the Simulate button I get the following output after about 1...


  8. INFO: maintenance periods (tool unavailable)

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    Currently the GPU server at nanohub.org is relocated, the GPU-HEOM tool is unavailable until July 16, 2013

    Meanwhile we appreciate your suggestions for the next version of the...


  9. How to fix problem launching job

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    When I try to simulate one the examples, e.g. ‘FMO coherence, 3 peak spectral density’, I get the error message ‘problem launching job’, followed by ‘program...