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  1. estimate the band gap between the first and second energy bands

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  2. coulomb potenial

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    Could you tell me the formulation that used in coulomb potential? Cause I don't get it from your explanation about the coulomb potential.


  3. Periodic Potential Lab - Kronig Penney Model - New Interactive Version

    23 Aug 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Daniel Mejia, Gerhard Klimeck

    Periodic Potential Lab - Kronig Penney Model - Interactively explore bandstructure and wavefunctions with different potentials

  4. ABACUS—Introduction to Semiconductor Devices

    When we hear the term semiconductor device, we may think first of the transistors in PCs or video game consoles, but transistors are the basic component in all of the electronic devices we use in...


  5. Numerical Technique Used

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    I want to know what numerical technique is used in this tool.


    Nicolás Guarín Z.


  6. effective mass extraction from the periodic bands still seems a bit wrong

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    Check out the following: change the effective mass of the material to be 0.067
    select a traditional superlattice of say 60Ang well and 20Ang barrier The extracted masses do not seem quite...


  7. smaller barrier heights required

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    I would like to be able to compare the periodic potential results against the peicewise constant potential model. However, currently the smallest barrier height in the step potential is set to...


  8. What’s m0? Is it the mass of the electron?

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  9. Benjamin P Haley

    Ben received his B.S. in Physics from Purdue in 1998. He worked for Cummins Engine Co and Intel before attending graduate school at UC Davis. He received a Masters in Engineering Applied Science in...


  10. Abhijeet Paul

    Abhijeet Paul is a Device Engineer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES USA, located at Albany. He is currently working on the device analysis, electrical characterization, modeling, TCAD and electrical targetting...