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  1. polysilicon doping concentration?

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    How can I change the doping concentration of polysilicon gate?


  2. Reference voltage

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    I am investigating a system of two mos capacitors coupled in series for my master thesis work.

    I would like to ask if double gate mos capacitor option in moscap matches...


  3. C-V characteristic and transient analylsis?

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    1- i want to know how to draw C-V characteristic?? 2- how to do transient analysis?? 3- how to append several graphs on the same figure??


  4. How to change the semiconductor properties in the input if the default is silicon?

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    I want to run this for a semiconductor other than Si, but not being able to find where to input the respective parameters for that (this might be straight forward, but I’m not sure where...


  5. Temperature dependence

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    Can someone please explain to me the low frequency behavior of the CV curve at low temperature? Is the jumping around in depletion and inversion part of the underlying physics or is it a...


  6. Work Function/Flat Bias Adjustment?

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    I have been using the MOSCap application to solve a few problems. I have two questions:

    1. Does the Threshold Voltage (VT) include flat band bias adjustment?

    2. I am...


  7. what happens in the deep depletion region?

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  8. deep accumulation for small devices carrier density/availability of customizable PADRE

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    I have a question about the effectiveness of this tool in predicting carrier density for accumulation situations at say (5 V) for thin devices (2-3nm high k oxide) in the high frequency regime....


  9. sir i need simulation which is based on my mathematical equation. Here we are just varying the variable and this simulator giving us result. can we do any changes any method for solving this ?

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