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  1. Can I save the results of a MOSFET run and come back later to reuse and continue the study?

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  2. Can I save the results of a MOSFET run and come back later to reuse and continue the study?

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  3. Convergence problem, take smaller steps

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    I receive this error when running the MOSFET tool. Any one can suggest a solution


  4. how can i get the device description of double gate MOS

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  5. how can i plot conduction band along the semiconductor surface from source to drian

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  6. How do you determine the threshold bias from this simulation?

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  7. How does this simulator considers electron effective mass in its modeling?

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    I want to know how electron effective mass is considered for the simulation model for DG MOSFET.


  8. how nanohub differentiate between mask length (Lmask) and effective length (Leff) for MOSFET

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  9. how to do channel tapering

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    how this soi generated by giving different parameters included in spice for digital /analog design


  10. how to include different materials in sio2

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    how to place n+ or p+ material over gate as it is done by IIT, delhi professor


  11. how to include other than gaussian doping density in the tool

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  12. how to include other than gaussian doping density in the tool

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  13. How to measure the thresold and leakage current for MOSFET

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        Hello there, 

    Is there any guide or manual which we can refer to get the values for the threshold, as it is a very specific towards the technology it would be...


  14. How to provide parameter values for SOI MOSFET simulation

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  15. Obtaining simulation data

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    Is there a way to obtain a file that contains the data plotted in the output plots in the form of (x,y) pairs of data points ? (to be used in one’s own plotting tool).


  16. Running impact ionization

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    I seem to get a blank plot. When I change to the Energy_balance model I get an error.


  17. Short channel modeling using this tool?

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    Hi, The simulation doesn’t seem to model short channel effects. When I simulated IV (Id-VG and Id-Vd) for 70nm, 55nm, and 50nm drawn L, I hardly got any difference in the values?


  18. Benjamin P Haley

    Ben received his B.S. in Physics from Purdue in 1998. He worked for Cummins Engine Co and Intel before attending graduate school at UC Davis. He received a Masters in Engineering Applied Science...


  19. Shaikh S. Ahmed

    Shaikh Shahid Ahmed received the B.S. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1998, and the M.S. and...


  20. Simulation of dual material gate MOSFET

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    How can I simulate dual matererial double gate? If I want to simulate double gate FET with graded channel, which tool should I use?