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  1. Synthesis and Analysis of Silver/Gold Nanoparticles

    01 May 2017 | Contributor(s):: Shelby Hatch, George C. Schatz

    This lab provides instructions for the synthesis of nanoscale silver colloidal particles along with questions to guide student thinking regarding the molecular-scale interactions between acids, bases, salts and sugar with the silver particles.A UV-Vis spectrophotometer (300-800 nm) is used to...

  2. Validation

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    While running a silver nanosphere with 40 nm Diameter (20 nm radius) I noticed that the scattering efficiency is much larger than the absorption efficiency. Which in contradiction...


  3. this tool can not work even i have java

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  4. How can I plot absorption,scattering & extinction efficiency in one graph?

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  5. What is meant by efficiency?

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