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  1. Simulation not working, no result shown.

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    Hi, I'm trying to run the simulation with default setting and no result is presented. Could someone please help. Thank you. 



  2. Is penetration of electron in oxide considered in calculation?

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    I'm trying to develop a SiNWT simulator ( :P) based on mode-space approach. I'm using OMEN WIRE in order to compare the results that I get. I feel the OMEN model...


  3. problem launching job

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    sir why do I get the following error:

    Problem launching job:

    Program finished: non-zero exit code is 1

    can't read "total_vstep": no such...


  4. Getting Exit Code 1

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    Why is this problem happening??

    Program Finished :Exit Code is 1 Can’t read “total_vstep” :no such variable while executing “ expr...


  5. Getting job error.

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    While running a simulations, after some time getting this error:

    “Problem launching job:

    child process exited abnormally”

    Can’t understand what the...


  6. Problem launching job error

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    Hello, I didn’t change any default setting, but the tool is not performing the simulation.



  7. Error clarification

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    I’m getting the following error when I run a simulation:

    can’t read “total vstep” : no such variable while executing



  8. How to do simulation on OMEN nanowire tool?

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    I have changed some input values and tried to simulate the structure but, it was taking around 3 hours to get simulated. Is there easy way to simulate nanowire structure using OMEN Nanowire...


  9. How is the continuous doping density profile implemented in omenwire?

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    I understand that to mimic the contacts we enforce a high doping density in the source/drain extension regions, and it is easy to do so in a continuum formulation, like the effective...


  10. Why does the potential show a singularity at the location where the boundary condition changes from Dirichlet to Neumann?

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    At the gate side, there is a change of boundary condition from Dirichlet to Neumann as we move from the gate to the insulator. Mathematically, this will lead to a singularity in the solution...


  11. boundary conditions for the poisson equation

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    I have simulated a case where Vg = 0.4V and Vd =0V. However, when I look at the potential plot, it appears that the potential at the boundary where the gate is 0V. Is it simply a plotting...


  12. analytical expression for the poisson solve

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    May I know what is the rational behind the use of the analytical expression given in the answer I asked about the convergence criteria. In particular, is the analytical formula based on the...


  13. convergence criteria

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    In the input deck, the poisson convergence criterion is stated as 1e-3. What exactly is the convergence criteria used in omenwire? How much additional computational time will I need if I...


  14. fermi level

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    In determining the electron density, what fermi levels did you use at the source and drain?

    Thanks, George


  15. Default voltage values need be changed.

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    With the default device specifications, it seems that the default nanowire has a threshold voltage of ~ 0.6V. So, to drive the device into deep ON state, one should apply gate voltage, probably...