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  1. can’t choose pixels by color or burn

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    when I ran OOF2 on line, I can’t choose pixels by Burn or color in Tooltips : Pixel Selction. when I click the imgage, nothing happens. why?


  2. Can’t open K1_small.pgm

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    I tried to run the tutorial ‘Microstructure’ requiring the file K1_small.pgm to be opened but it wouldn’t open. I keep getting the following error message.


  3. Error message: “Angle type not specified in TSL data file”

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    I have been trying to upload a TSL .ang file but get the following error message:


  4. Errors!!! building oof2 from terminal

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    Quick question,

    I have been working on trying to get oof2 on my mac and have downloaded all possible compilers and reference materials, but when I try to run

    “sudo python...


  5. how can I upload my image (real microstructure)?

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  6. How do I download a saved skeleton to my computer so I can use it in Abaqus?

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  7. How grain boundaries of like-phase grains are taken into account?

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    The crystal structure I'm using is mainly alpha phase ( ~99% ). To accurately model a mechanical test do I need to define the grain boundaries as their own material or would loading a...


  8. How to access and save sessions?

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    Is there a way to save the message log and subsequently reload it to a new session to repeat previous steps? I have unfortunately crashed the program multiple times and it would be helpful...


  9. How to access and upload files on my computer to the OOF software

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    Whenever I try to access the data files stored in my computer, it opens some directory, which is different from my home directory, maybe my directory on the OOF2 server. How can I change it so...


  10. How to correlate unitless inputs to real life experiments?

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    From what I've learned a force is placed on a various boundary in the 'Boundary Conditions' tab. However, with no units on moduli when entering the data in 'Materials'...


  11. How to get a solution for a simple thermal Steady State Conduction problem

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    Hey all,

    I am new to oof2, but I have run through the tutorials and tried working through some simple problems on my own.

    When it comes to Solving the Heat transfer portion, I...


  12. How to get the tutorials in oof2 software

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    Recently i have downloaded the oof 2.But i am facing problem in getting the tutorial in the software. Initial few tutorial slides are coming. After that it is not opening for conseqent menus. I...


  13. how to run a oof2-script ?

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    I see the option LOAD/Script.. deactivated. Is it not possible to run oof2(python)-scripts on Nanohub? many thanks


  14. how to start using oof2, iam unable to use via nanohub

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  15. is it possible to apply an electric field on the microstructure?

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  16. loading skeleton data takes too long

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    I’m loading a skeleton for an image and it takes way too long (15-20 mins) to load, it is 1416406 bytes. I think it has 916 nodes or so. Is this normal operation?


  17. OOF2 cannot choose element type?

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    In old version of oof , we can use ppm2oof to creat mesh and choose element type we want ,such as zimmer and zimmer2 and griffith and griffith2. But in oof2 ,we cannot find the element types,...


  18. Reaction forces in oof2

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    sir i did analysis of sem image of nanocomposite for predicting the elastic modulus.i just want know how the reaction forces are found on right or left vertical edge of the boundary under non...


  19. regarding validations of the answers….

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    hi, I m working on oof2.. it is working fine..i want to validate the results with simple exaples.. i made a image of plate with hole of unit thickness & cantilever beam & i applied...


  20. Removing the unasigned with material pixels from material

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    I have a microstructure photo and the interes part from the image does not have a regular straight line border and is smaller than the actual image. I can assign materials to the interest pixels...