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  1. what is the cross sectional area of the pn-junction in the tool

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  2. Receiving this "No compatible viewer was found or rendered successfully" after launching tool. what software do i need to addon to launch this tool.

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  3. I V characteristic ?

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    First of thanking you very much for sharing this wonderful tool on PN junction. 

    I am using MATLAB for solving the same kind of configuration of PN junction and got the...


  4. Two functions in graphs?

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    So when I’m running the simulations, on all of my graphs, I’m getting two functions. A red one, and a blue one. Which of these two functions is the proper one to use? For instance,...


  5. pn junction I-V curve

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    For an ideal p-n junction, the Shockley equation applies and the I-V curve should be an exponential curve in forward bias. Why is it always linear in simulation?

    Though in 2D simulation,...


  6. Bias voltage parameter doesn’t work?

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    No matter what parameter is entered for the bias voltage, the integrated potential is 0.6 volts.

    If it’s a bug, it’s a serious one.

    If it’s a feature …...


  7. Could you list the values of the material parameters you are using (GaAs, Si….)

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  8. Useful for very high doping reverse bias conditions?

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    I want to know how suitable this tool is for calculating IV characteristics for very high doped pn junctions into the 10(18) – 10(19) /cm3 under reverse bias conditions. It...


  9. PN Junction Lab – 100 Warnings

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    I had some trouble running PN Junction Lab; it gave more than 100 warnings for some simulation cases and then stopped. I think I figured it out: using exactly 1 or 2 V as applied voltage does...