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  1. PhotonicsSHA-2D platform does not work

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    Dear All!

    I have a simple question for the Nanohub community. 

    Could you please tell me if PhotonicsSHA-2D platform works in your case because I'm trying to run...


  2. A problem in running simulation with PhotonicsSHA-2D tool

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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to run the simulation with the PhotonicsSHA-2D tool (version 0.9.7): Modeling of Single-Period Multilayer Optical Gratings and Metamaterials but I ran into some...


  3. Perform multiple runs by changing specific parameters

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    hello there,

    I would like to run the simulations changing one of the parameters many times for instance, the real and imaginary part of the index of refraction.  I have a list of...


  4. To obtain emission spectrum with a narrow peak

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    Dear Sir,

    I was wondering if it is possible to get the emission spectrum using this tool. Also, what about the temperature dependence of emission?

    Again, do you think I can...


  5. Sir, I am working on nano patterns, I need to obtain absorptance. Can you elucidate the the function/Equation defining absorptance vs Wavelength ?

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  6. To select the material based on the absorbance and size of nanostructures

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    It is mentioned in the software, on selecting the material corresponding wavelength is specified what is that range .. is it incident light range ? we need help how to proceed…


  7. Does these Total Internal Reflection, Critical Angle simmulation results make sense?

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    My goal is to use this tool to study the light extraction from a LED or dielectric slab. First I’m checking if the Total Internal Reflection effect, Critical Angle, and Snell’s Law...


  8. loss factor

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    Hello, I’m a little bit confused about this “loss factor.” Can you explain it more or at least provide some references so that I can understand how to choose this factor?


  9. absorptance in non absorbing medium

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    The engine gives non zero result for absorptance if medium with real permittivity is considered. question: what do transmittance and reflectance exactly mean (how are they defined)? Does E_t...