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  1. UARK SiC Power MOSFET Model

    22 Feb 2017 | Compact Models | Contributor(s):

    By Mihir Mudholkar1, Shamim Ahmed1, Ramchandra Kotecha1, Ty McNutt1, Arman Ur Rashid1, Tom Vrotsos1, Alan Mantooth1

    University of Arkansas Fayetteville

    A compact model for SiC Power MOSFETs is presented. The model features a physical description of the channel current and internal capacitances and has been validated for dc, CV, and switching...


  2. Zhi Tang

    Zhi Tang is currently a research scientist in Beijing Kingway Technology, a high-tech startup founded at Beijing in 2010. He graduated from MechSE department in UIUC with his PhD degree in 2008. He...