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  1. Help: Wiki Formatting

    Wiki Formatting Wiki markup is a core feature for Topic pages, tightly integrating all the other parts of Trac into a flexible and powerful whole. nanoHUB has a built in small and powerful wiki...


  2. Help: Wiki Page Names

    Wiki Page Names Wiki page names commonly use the CamelCase convention. Within wiki text, any word in CamelCase automatically becomes a hyperlink to the wiki page with that name. CamelCase page...


  3. Help: Wiki Math

    The Wiki supports LaTeX markup: Mathematical Formula (LaTeX) can be inserted into text like this: Insert formula here For example: <math>alpha^2+beta^2=1</math> …displays...


  4. Help: Wiki HTML

    The wiki supports inserting HTML into any wiki context. HTML support is built-in, and does not require installing any additional packages. How to Use HTML To inform the wiki engine that a block...


  5. Help: Wiki Macros

    A macro inserts dynamic HTML data in any context supporting Wiki Formatting. Using Macros Macro calls are enclosed in two square brackets. Examples [[Timestamp]] Display: 2009-03-03...