Tool Development

Welcome to FORGE, the tool development area of The following pages are maintained by the various owners of each tool. Many of these tools are available as Open Source, and you can download the code via Subversion from this site. Some tools are closed source at the request of the authors, and only a restricted development team has access to the code. See each tool page for details.

Available Tools

Title Alias Status
1-D Chain Dispersions 1dchainmd open source
1D Finite Difference Method Conduction Heat... 1dfdmht open source
One-dimensional function specification for IHCP 1dfs open source
1D Heterostructure Tool 1dhetero closed source
Toy 1-dimensional model to understand Molecular... 1dmd open source
1-D Phonon BTE Solver 1dphononbte closed source
Semiconductor Superlattice Design Tool 1sl closed source
Percolation Threshold Simulator for 2D... 2daiperc open source
Approximate self-consistent potential in a... 2degpot closed source
2DFET 2dfets open source
Electrostatic Properties Simulation of Layered... 2dmatstacks open source
2D material reflectance spectra 2dreflect closed source
3D-Atoms-Model 3datomsmodel open source
Hierarchical material optimization 3dmatopt closed source
RF Though Silicon Via for 3D IC 3drftsv closed source
Calculating Semiconductor Raman Spectra 670raman open source
ABACUS - Assembly of Basic Applications for... abacus closed source
Base Motion Calculations abase open source
ABINIT abinit closed source
Antibiotic Resistance Model abrm open source
Atomistic Configuration Interaction aci closed source
Active Media FDTD Nanophotonic Device Simulator acmenpds closed source
Active learning challenge for optimal material... activelearning open source
Active Learning Workflow for MPCAs activemeltheas open source
ACUTE acute closed source
Adept adept closed source
ADEPT 2.1 adeptnpt closed source
A Deep Reactive Ion Etch NonUniformity Estimator adriene open source
A Deep Reactive Ion Etch Non-Uniformity Estimator adrienne closed source
LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER ads2009 open source
Admittance loci for surface plasmon resonance adspr closed source
Advanced Memristor advmemristor closed source
Advanced Quantum Dot Lab advqdlab closed source
Advanced Thermoelectric Power Generation... advte closed source
Aeneas, the Free Monte Carlo 3D simulator aeneas closed source
Modeling Thermal Interaction between Laser... afm open source
AFM viscoelastic force curve analysis afmfcanalysis closed source
Attractive Force aforce closed source
AF Test (title) aftestname closed source
Simulating Stress on Cellular Aging agingmodel open source
Agrivoltaic Simulation agpvsim closed source
Tensile Mechanics of alpha-Helical Polypeptides ahpull closed source
Alissa Test Tool alissatesttool closed source
Machine Learning-Based Microstructure... alphakconvnet closed source
Neural network based battery microstructure... alphaknet closed source
Amide I Vibrational Spectroscopy Lab amidespec open source
ab initio Model for Mobility and Seebeck... amobt closed source
Anaconda-managed library of scientific tools... anaconda closed source
simulation Mesfet anashousbane open source
Autonomous Neutron Diffraction Explorer andie open source
ANGEL - A Nonequilibrium Green Function Solver... angel open source
CompuCell3D - Simulation of angiogenesis angiogencc3d open source
ANN Model Generator anngenerator closed source
Neural Network Visualization Tool anngraph open source
Exciton Annihilation Simulator annihilate closed source
Ann_GraphCreator annviz open source
The Antibacterial Effect of Electrical... antibacterial open source
Antibiotic Resistance in Multiple Bacteria E448... antiresist open source
Assembly for Nanotechnology Survey Courses antsy closed source
appapi appapi open source
Example tool for nanoHUB app development appdevelopment open source
APUKUMARJANA apu open source
AQME - Advancing Quantum Mechanics for Engineers aqme closed source
Atomic Resolution Brownian Dynamics arbd closed source
Archimedes, GNU Monte Carlo simulator archimedes closed source
Microarray Process-Motivated Model arraypmod closed source
cnt aru open source
Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE) toolkit ase open source
Atomic Simulation Environment GUI asegui open source
Simulation structure builder with ASE asetool closed source
Amorphous Silicon Generator asilicon closed source
Spin-dependent Electronic Transport Lab astarspin closed source
Amorphous Semiconductor Transport Simulator asts open source
[Illinois]: AsynchUp asynchup closed source
a TCAD Lab atcadlab closed source
Atomic Structure & Point Defect Lab atomicstructure closed source
Aurora Graphene Simulator aurora closed source
Software for Control of Autonomous Robots Using... autonomousrobot open source
2D cluster analysis avalanche closed source
CompuCell3D - Avascular Tumor Growth and Mutation avasctum open source
[Illinois]: Avoidance Learn Simulation avoidlearn open source
[Illinois]: Avoidance Learn Simulation with... avoidlearncall open source
Back-Propogation Trainer backproptrain closed source
CompuCell3D v4 - Bacterium Macrophage simulation bacmacrocc3d4 open source
Band Diagram Calcualtor banddiagcalcul8 closed source
Band Structure Lab bandstrlab closed source
A Batch Reification/Fusion Optimization... barefoot open source
Battery Optimization batteryopt closed source
Temperature Prediction tool for a Li-ion Battery batterytemp closed source
Bayesian Calibration bayes open source
Hierarchical Bayesian Inference Tool for... bayesdag closed source
Bayesian optimization tutorial using Jupyter... bayesopt open source
Beyond-CMOS Benchmarking 4 bcb4 open source
Microbeam Dynamics with Varying Force Model beamdyn closed source
90 Degrees Beam Propagation beamprop closed source
Beam Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media NBPS 2009 beampropnbps09 open source
Berkeley GW berkeleygw closed source
hemt berrabh open source
Bayesian Global Optimization tool for an... bgo closed source
Bulk Heterojunction Morphology Generator bhjmorphology closed source
Illinois Tools: Biconvex Lens biconvex open source
[Illinois]: Big Mess bigmess closed source
Bimodal Polymer Nano Brush binbrush closed source
Structural Biology 3D Reconstruction bio3d closed source
ENBIOS-1D Lab biolab closed source
ENBIOS-2D Lab biolabisfet closed source
biomoca biomoca closed source
Molecular Lab biomolelab closed source
BioPHET biophet closed source
Illinois Tools: Bio Photonics Simulator biophotonicsim open source
NanoBiosensor lab biosensor closed source
Bio-sensor Lab biosensorlab closed source
BioSensor Lab V2 biosensorlabv2 closed source
BioSim-TRPNP biotrpnp closed source
[Illinois]: Posterior probability of a target... bisensorybayes closed source
[Illinois]: Posterior probability of a target... bisensorydelta closed source
BJT Lab bjt closed source
prytu blahgerdouc open source
Blast blast closed source
CompuCell3D - Blatocyst2D blastocyst2d open source
Blockchain and proof of work lab blockchain open source
BioMOCA Suite bmcsuite closed source
bmpToGDS bmptogds open source
Binary Nanoparticle Superlattice Simulator bnsl open source
LanTraP2 boltzlantrap open source
NCN Software Boot Camp bootcamp closed source
bor bor1 open source
Nano-Plasmonic Bowtie Antenna Simulator bowtie closed source
Beam Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media bpm closed source
μplasma for Modified Paschen Curve Calculator breakcalc1 open source
Breakdown Voltage & Current Density Calculator... breakdowncal7 open source
Field Emission Breakdown Voltage Calculator breakdowncalc1 closed source
Brillouin Zone Viewer brillouin closed source
Spectral response of semiconductor metamaterial... broadbandqcmm open source
Brownian Motion brownianmotion closed source
BROWNIES brownies open source
brshores_test brshorestest open source
Bound States Calculation Lab bsclab closed source
Band Structure Lab 2.0 bstr_sc_lab closed source
Modeling a COVID-19 Pandemic with a BSVIRD Model bsvirdcovid19mo open source
Linearized Boltzmann transport calculator for... btesolver closed source
Bama Lab btool open source
Bulk Monte Carlo Lab bulkmc closed source
Illinois Tools: Basic Bulk Silicon Transport... bulkmobility closed source
Near-field radiation transport between two planes bulknf open source
[Illinois]: BUTDjointDistribution butdjdist closed source
[Illinois]: BUTDprobInference butdprobinf closed source
Cacti cacti closed source
cadnano to PDB File Converter cadnanocvrt open source
DNA Origami Visualization Tools cadnanovis open source
Caesar Cipher caecipher open source
LAMMPS driver tool for potential calibration calibdriver open source
Callaways Model for Thermal Conductivity callawaysmodel open source
CALPHAD calphad open source
Cancer Evolution in CompuCell3D cancerevocc3d open source
SUGARCube cantilever cantilever open source
Capacitance Modeling Tool Using... capacitancescm closed source
CompuCell3D - Capillary without Gravity capillary open source
Souffle: Virus Capsid Assembly Lab capsidsouffle open source
car car open source
Carrier Concentration carrierconc closed source
CARTmath TMG cartmathtmg open source
Simple Cellular Automaton Model for Slip caslip closed source
CASM casm open source
Bubble Cavitation Simulator cavitatesim open source
CompuCell3D - Bacterium Macrophage cc3dbactmacro open source
CompuCell3D v4 Main Tool cc3dbase4x open source
CompuCell Cell Sorting Tool cc3dcellsort open source
CompuCell3D 3D Cell Sorting cc3dcellsort3d open source
COVID 19 Virtual Tissue Model - Tissue... cc3dcovid19 open source
CompuCell3D - Chemotactic Elongation Demo cc3delongdemo open source
FocalPointPlasticity Plugin Demo cc3dfppdemo open source
A toy model of immune responses to an... cc3dicdinpdac open source
CompuCell3D - Initial Setup cc3dinitsetup open source
(CC3D v3 - old) CompuCell3D Vascular Tumor cc3dvasctumor open source
CompuCell3D - 2D wet foam coarsening cc3dwf open source
CompuCell3D - 2D wet foam coarsening with drainage cc3dwfdrain open source
Crystalline Cellulose - Atomistic Toolkit ccamt closed source
Feature Selection for CCA Strength Models ccaoptimizer open source
Cell Division Cycle Tools cdctools open source
capacitive deionization 2D simulation constant... cdimodel open source
Capacitive deionization simulation tool cdimodeling open source
Comb Drive Levitation cdlev closed source
cdc2 cyclin model cellreposc open source
CompuCell3d cell sorting in a hexagonal lattice cellsorthexcc3d open source
cendos cendos open source
CENEMS cenems closed source
Numerical Method cfd open source
Cilia Flow Field cflow open source
Coarse Grain Lipid Simulator cgls closed source
Coarse Graining of Crystalline Cellulose cgmcc closed source
CGTB cgtb closed source
Chemical Autoencoder for Latent Space Enrichment chemae closed source
Chemical Dictionary chemdic closed source
ChemKinetics chemkinetics closed source
Chemistry labs for PCC chemlabs open source
A Deep Neural Network for Advanced Composites... chemnet closed source
Chemprop Demo chempropdemo open source
Chess chess closed source
Purdue Physical Chemistry Lab CHM37301 chm37301 open source
Purdue Physical Chemistry Lab CHM37401 chm37401 open source
Circuit Elements circuitelements closed source
Cyber-Infrastructure for Imaging and Simulation... cismcm closed source
Hands-on Deep Learning for Materials citrinednn open source
Citrine Tools for Materials Informatics citrinetools open source
miller indices lab classproject closed source
Config launcher tool clauncher closed source
Cluster Optimization BGO clusterbgo closed source
Cluster Optimization BGO 01 clusterbgopro open source
Cmpe131 project cmpe131firat open source
Generation Model with Coupled Mode Theory cmtcomb3 open source
Free Standing Cylindrical Nanowire cnanowire open source
Mechanics of Crystalline Nano Cellulose Nanofilm cnc open source
CNDO/INDO cndo closed source
Compact NEGF-Based Solver for Double-Gate MOSFETs cnegfmos open source
Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect Analyzer (CNIA) cnia closed source
Molecular Quantum Machine cnn2d open source
Convolutional Network for Diffusion Equations cnndiffusion open source
cnt antenna lab cntantenna open source
CNTbands cntbands-ext open source
Boltzmann Transport Simulator for CNTs cntbte closed source
Adhesion-based of CNT Tool cntbyvdwf closed source
CNTFET Lab cntfet closed source
Fabriation of cntfet cntfetfab closed source
CNT Mobility cntmob closed source
Carbon nanotube based NEMS with cantilever... cntnemscant closed source
Carbon nanotube based fixed-fixed NEMS cntnemsff closed source
CNTphonons cntphonons closed source
Carbon Nanotube Relay cntrelay closed source
carbon nanotubes cnts open source
Coarse-Grain Transport coars open source
Viral Kinetics: Competition Between Infections... coinfectcompete open source
Combinatorial Data Analysis Total combidataparser closed source
Computational Catalysis with DFT compcatal open source
Composite Filament Simulation 3D compfilsim3d open source
Computational Helium comphe open source
Computational Hydrogen Notebook comphydrogennb open source
Composite Laminate Analysis complam open source
Computational Lithium Atom Notebook complithiumnb closed source
CompMat compmat closed source
Computational Nanodynamics Lab compnano closed source
CompuCell3D compucell3d open source
Computational Hydrogen computehydrogen open source
computer solutions comsol open source
Analytic conduction solutions cond3d closed source
Illinois Tools: Confined phonons in nanowires confphonons closed source
Protein Contact Maps contactmaps open source
Contour PV contourpv open source
Convolution Tool convn closed source
COOLLARGE cool closed source
Thin Film Micro Thermoelectric Cooling Device... cooler closed source
Brownian dynamics simulator for solving Cotrell... cotrell closed source
Coulomb Blockade Simulation-Ana coulombblockade open source
Coulomb Blockade Simulation coulombsim closed source
COVID-19 data analysis covid19analysis open source
COVID-19 drug treatments explorer, CompuCell3D coviddrugexp open source
A Vaccine Model for COVID-19 covidvaccinemod open source
CPMD cpmd closed source
charge pumping simulator cpsim closed source
Crack Propagation Lab crackprop closed source
Crack Propagation Simulation crackpropsim closed source
Virtual Fracture Propagation Laboratory cracktestpfdm closed source
Collision Radiative Model for Atomic Gases crm open source
Argon Radiation Model crmatomic open source
Carbon Nanotube Rollup crollup closed source
Reflection and Transmittance Simulator... crt open source
Crystal Viewer Lab (New Interactive Front End) crystalviewer open source
Crystal Viewer Tool crystal_viewer closed source
Crystal Viewer crysviewer closed source
Energies and Lifetimes with Complex-Scaling cscale open source
Compact Solver for Double-Gate Tunnel-FETs ctfet open source
CTF Correction in cryoEM ctfit open source
Charge Trapped Flash Simulator ctfsim open source
Cubic Lattice Planes cubiclattice closed source
Cubic Equation Solver cubicsolver open source
MEMSLab cvgraph closed source
CyPredict cypredict closed source
Calibration using DAKOTA dakotacalibrate open source
DataExplorer Lab dataexplorerlab open source
Starting with Data using Juypter Notebook datastart open source
DBR Laser Simulator dbrlaser closed source
nanoDDSCAT dda open source
DDSCAT Convert: A Target Generation Tool ddaconvert open source
nanoDDSCAT+ ddaplus open source
Discrete Dipole Approximation Code DDSCAT 7.1 ddscat closed source
Shape Generator for DDSCAT ddscatshapegene open source
1D Drift Diffusion Model for Crystalline Solar... ddsolarcell closed source
DDSURF - Discrete Dipole approximation on SURFace ddsurf closed source
Decomposition Methods - PCA and NMF decompmthds open source
Defect Finder defectfinder closed source
Machine Learning Defect Properties in... defectml open source
Electrostatic solver for charged defects defectsolver closed source
Nanowire Tensile Deformation Lab deformnanowire closed source
Delamination test in photovoltaic module delaminationpv closed source
CompuCell3D - Delta-Notch signaling in a group... deltanotchcc3d open source
Delta Rule Trainer deltaruletrain closed source
Delta-Wye deltawye closed source
Delta-Wye Complex deltawyecomplex closed source
Rotating Drum dem closed source
Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation of... demcolloid closed source
demons demons closed source
Demo Tool belonging to the Nanotechnology 101... demotoolnano closed source
Dielectrophoresis dep open source
Distributed Emitter Solar Cell Tool desct closed source
Introduction to Solid State Electronic Devices... deviceelectron closed source
Modeling Interface-defect Generation (MIG) devrel closed source
DEVSIM TCAD Simulator on nanoHUB devsimhub open source
DFT elastic constant calculator dftcij closed source
DFT Results Explorer dftexplorer open source
DFT-LDA Helium dftldahelium open source
DFT Manager dftman open source
DFT Material Properties Simulator dftmatprop closed source
DFT calculations with Quantum ESPRESSO dftqe closed source
DFTQE Results Explorer dftqeexplorer open source
Double Gate MOS Lab dgmos open source
Dielectric Charging Simulator dielsim closed source
Particle Trajectory Diffusion Analysis diffanalyzer open source
Class on diffusion aspects for biology diffclass open source
Gas Diffusion Coefficient in Metal Organic... diffusion open source
Diffusion Calculator: FCC Dilute Solutes diffusionfcc open source
2-D Diffusion Game diffusiongame2d open source
Diffusion Calculator: HCP Dilute Solutes diffusionhcp open source
Dilute Impurity Lab diluteimpv1 closed source
Unsupervised learning using dimensionality... dimredmatdecmp open source
Silicon Dispersion dip closed source
Dipole Radiation Simulator on Multi-Layered... diprad open source
[Illinois]: Direction Selectivity dirselectivity closed source
Daily Discharge discharges open source
Interactive Learning Lab - Forces and Nano... discnanoforces open source
Materials Discovery discover open source
Dislocations in RCCAs with Quantum Effects dislocateqtb open source
Dislocation Lab disloclab closed source
Disperse disperse closed source
disregistry analysis disreg closed source
Distribution Fitting and Goodness Determination distrfit closed source
Diffusion Limited Aggregation dla closed source
Deep Learning Materials dlmaterials closed source
Data Management for nanoBIO dm4nanobio closed source
Effect of Doping on Semiconductors dopingsilicon closed source
EPR - ESR dpowj closed source
Double Gate with Tunneling test dqwtt open source
DreamTeam dreamteam closed source
Driver Generator drivergen closed source
Device Reliability Simulator drsim closed source
SERS Simulator dsers open source
Simulate Knudsen Thermal Forces using DSMC... dsmc open source
DSMC 0D Equilibrium dsmc0d closed source
DSMC 1D Planar Couette Flow dsmc1d closed source
Directional Thermal Emitter Simulation dtes open source
Discontinuous Thin Metal Films Conduction... dtmf closed source Porous Electrochemistry for... dualfoil open source
Dynamic Roller Compactor dynrollcompact closed source
Euclidean Neural Network Tutorial e3nntutorial open source
Electrochemical Simulation echem open source
PhysiBoSSa Simulation with ECM ecmsimul open source
Energy Diagram ediagram closed source
Electro-Optic Effect efeff open source
Effective Mass Calculator effmasscalc open source
Emerging Interconnect Evaluation Toolbox eiet closed source
Energy Levels Calculation Tool elc open source
iNEMI Eco-Impact Evaluator for ICT elca closed source
Calculating the Elastic Constants using ab... elconabinit open source
ElectroMat electromat closed source
Ellipsoid Particle Detection ellipsoiddetect open source
ellipsosim ellipsosim closed source
MSE educational tool: elastic moduli calculations elmod closed source
Effective Mass Finder Code emaf open source
InGaN electron transport emc open source
Energetic Materials Explorer emexplorer closed source
EM emsimulator closed source
Electron-Nuclear DOuble Resonance endor closed source
Energies energies closed source
Indiana Energy System energy closed source
Adsorption Energy Calculator energycurve open source
Data Analysis of Normal Data Sets in Engineering engdata open source
ENGR 132 Homework Assignments engr132hw open source
ENGR 132 Jupyter Notebooks (test) engr132jupytera open source
ENGR 132 Notebooks engr132ncn open source
Elastic Network Modeler enmpredictor closed source
Nanomaterial Database enmsdatabase open source
EPFL-HEMT Model epflhemtmodel open source
EPR Trajectory Simulation eprsim closed source
Quantum Espresso espresso open source
etest5 etest5 open source
Erich's Test Tool 2 etool2 closed source
Evo of Multicellularity evomulticell open source
PNJunction Lab Exploration Tool ex2pnjunction open source
Esercizio A exa open source
Exascale Molecular Dynamics examd closed source
CC3D example examplecc3d open source
Exciton Spectra Simulation excitons open source
Exciton Dynamics Simulator exdynamics closed source
Execution Resource Monitoring execresourcemon closed source
Exotic Materials Tight-Binding Model exotictb closed source
Mie Calculations of Single Nanosphere... extcs closed source
DARPA EXTREME ACTEOM Database: Optical Constants extremedb closed source
Ezandertal ezandertal closed source
Neural Network Face Mask Detector facemask open source
First Solar, ASU, SJSU and Purdue's tool for... fasp open source
FAST fast closed source
Accurate Chemical Master Equation (ACME) fbsdcme open source
FCC Polycrystal Mechanics fccpolymech open source
FD integral calculator fdical open source
Function Discovery Tool fdiscovery closed source
Finite Difference Methods for Transport Phenomena fdm4tp open source
Electron transport CNT fdot open source
finite feap83t closed source
Feature Selection for Machine Learning featureselect open source
Field Emission Enhanced by Field Ionization feefi open source
Carrier Statistics Lab fermi closed source
Ferroelectric Capacitor ferroelectric open source
FETToy fettoy open source
Model for Far From Equilibrium Transport in... ffettool open source
LAMMPS Input Structure Generator for... fgmbuilder open source
Focused Ion Beam Molecular Dynamics fibmd open source
A computational method for rapid prediction of... fibpredictor closed source
NanoCraft-FIBstream: Focused Ion Beam Stream... fibstream closed source
Field Emission fieldem closed source
FIFA 2010 visualization fifaviz open source
NanoHUB File Manager filemanager open source
fileshare fileshare open source
Passive Filter Circuits filters closed source
Filtration Pressure Drop filtr closed source
1D Moving Fin Model fin open source
FinCANON: A PVT-Aware Integrated Delay and... fincanon open source
Illinois Tool: FIONA (Fluorescence Imaging... fiona closed source
solar test firstone closed source
my first tool firsttool open source
A Blind Fish in a River with a Waterfall fishandriver closed source
[Illinois]: Fish classification using... fishbackprop closed source
[Illinois]: Posterior probabilities of... fishbayesrule closed source
Fitting of Dielectric Permittivity for FDTD fitepsilon open source
Fitting of Dielectric Permittivity fitting open source
Filtered Kriging Lab fkriging open source
Frenkel-Kontarova Model fkt closed source
Floods/Floops flooxs closed source
SPICE Subcircuit Generator for Ferromagnetic... fmmacrospice open source
Fowler Nordheim Field Emission Calculator fnecalc1 open source
Illinois Tools: Fourier fouriertrans closed source
Forced Protein Unfolding fpuf closed source
Fractional Quantum Hall Effect fqhe closed source
FracVAL: An improved tunable algorithm to... fracval open source
Free Edge Approximation for the Angle-Ply Laminate freeedge closed source
Free Molecular GUI freemol open source
Finite Size Scaling fss closed source
FunUQ for MD funuq open source
efvf fvfdv open source
Free Volume Toolkit fvt closed source
[Illinois]: Optimize Connectivity Profile of... gabubble closed source
Genetic Algorithm for Hidden Networks gahidden closed source
Test environment for HUB tools gahtest open source
GAMESS gamess closed source
Kirigami Design and Analysis gamian open source
Minimum of Genetic Error gaminimum closed source
Optimize Hopfield Rule using Genetic Algorithm gaopfield closed source
GarlicSim garlicsim open source
Gas Adsorption Calculator gas open source
Ideal Gas Behavior gaslaws closed source
Gas Laws Problems and Interaction gaslawsgui open source
Gaussian processes 1D gaussianpro open source
Grain Boundary Diffusion Calculator gbdiffusion closed source
PhysiCell simulation of GBM tumour under oHSV1 gbmohsv1app open source
GCMC-BD simulator for ion channels gcmcbd closed source
Grand Canonical Monte Carlo and Brownian... gcmcbd2 closed source
Graphene Device Simulator gdsim closed source
Genetic algorithm geneticalgo closed source
Generate High-Entropy Alloys Structure genheas open source
Dielectric Function Calculator genmodel closed source
Thin Film Thermionic Emission Calculator gfed closed source
GFET Tool gfettool closed source
Gibbs gibbs open source
Gibbs Adsorption Simulator gibbsads open source
Gibbs ML gibbsml closed source
Gibbs Python Module gibbspy closed source
Example nanoHUB Jupyter tool using GitHub githubexample open source
GitHub Private Tool Jupyter NB second try with ssh githubprivate2 open source
Example nanoHUB Jupyter App using a public... githubpublic open source
Example nanoHUB Rappture tool using git local gitlocalrapptur open source
My nanoHUB app using git with nanoFORGE gitlocaltool open source
CompuCell3D - Simulation of cell crawling in 3D gltcellcrawl open source
Interphase Mesh Isolater gmshtools open source
Generalized Nonlocal Optical Response gnor open source
HSPICE SIMULATION TOOL gnrfet open source
Graphene Interconnect gnrinterconnect closed source
Gaussian processes 2D gp2d open source
Gaussian Process Regression Model for... gprpiezo open source
Gaussian Process(1-D) Sample Path Generator gpsamplepath open source
Gaussian process regression in 1D gptool open source
Notebook: Gaussian process regression in 1D gptool2 open source
Exciton Dynamics Lab for Light-Harvesting... gpuheompop closed source
Graphene Raman Fitting Tool graft open source
AFM and EBSD Data Correlation Tool graincorrelate open source
Grain Growth Simulator graingrowth closed source
Granular Crystals gransurrogate closed source
Granular Mechanics granularmech closed source
graph graph closed source
band structure of graphene graphene closed source
Graphene Battery Simulation graphenebattery open source
Graphene Reconfigurable PN Junction Device graphenedevice closed source
Graphene Visualisation Lab graphenelab open source
Graphene Switch Box grapheneswitch closed source
Graphene Substrate graphenetools1 open source
Atomistic Green\'s Function Method 1-D Atomic... greentherm closed source
Gr-ResQ gresq open source
Heterogeneous Nucleation in a Groove grhetnuc open source
Raman Spectrum of Graphene: Imaging and Processing grimp closed source
Graphene Raman Imaging and Spectroscopy... grisp closed source
GRO2LAM gro2lam closed source
Illinois Tools: groMicelle gromicelle closed source
Function Plot grphc closed source
SEM Image Processing Tool gsaimage open source
GDS Analyzer gscan open source
Powder Compaction gscompaction closed source
General Tight-Binding Analysis Tool gtbat closed source
VKML GUI guivars open source
GW Band Structure gwbands closed source
GyroCube gyrocube closed source
[Illinois]: Gill withdrawal habituation habituationgwr closed source
Hammer hammer open source
A Hands-on Introduction to Physics-Informed... handsonpinns open source
HARES hares closed source
Harman Method Lab harman closed source
ME581 harshad open source
Haynes Machine Learning Tools 2020 haynes2020 closed source
Hot Carrier Degradation Universal Scaling hcius closed source
High Entropy Alloys Experimental Fabrication heafabrication open source
Heat of Adsorption heat closed source
Hebb Pattern Associations hebbpatassoc closed source
High Energy Materials Reduced Order Kinetics... hekinmod open source
Monte Carlo HEMT Simulator hemt3d closed source
High Electron Mobility Transistor hemts closed source
Henry Coefficient Simulator henrycoeff open source
Nanoindentation of Soft Elastic Materials hertzindent open source
CNT Heterojunction Modeler heterojunction closed source
Hydrogenated graphene code hgraphene closed source
High Pressure DFT Data hipressdft closed source
High Pressure DFT Data Jupyter Notebooks hipressdftjup open source
Simple Histogram Tool histogramtool closed source
High Temperature Complex Concentrated Alloy... hitccas closed source
HIV Viral Load and Prevention Modeling Application hivapp open source
Heterojunction Notebook hjtfetnotebook closed source
HMMER hmmer closed source
Machine Learning Prediction of Heat of Formation hofpred closed source
HoloViews Notebook Test holoviewstest open source
Hydrogen Orbitals horbit open source
hotSPICE hotspice open source
my Tool Title for h1383338062 hppt open source
HyperSpy Online Tool hsot closed source
High Throughput DFT Calculation Resources htdft closed source
Simulation of Hyperthermia Induction via... htnp closed source
High Temperature Oxide Property Explorer htoxideprop open source
Heat Transfer Quiz 1 htq1 open source
High Throughtput Computing Workspace htworkspace closed source
Huckel-IV huckel open source
Huckel Tight-Binding huckeltb closed source
RofPNJunction hw1 open source
Materials for Hydrogen-Based Energy Conversion hydrogenenergy open source
Hydrophobicity Lab hydrolab closed source
PhotonicsCL hyperlens closed source
Hyper-REBO hyperrebo closed source
Hyperlens Layer Designer hypiedesigner closed source
Hyperlens Design Solver hypiesolver closed source
HYPOTrace: Software for measuring Hypocotyl... hypotrace closed source
AMIGOS - Hypoxia hypoxia19 open source
Influenza In Host Kinetics Model iavmodule open source
Interference Inference Interface iii open source
Illustrative Mathematical Concepts illustmath open source
imageJ imagej open source
Image Processing Lab imageprocessor closed source
SEM Image Segmentation Workshop imagesegment open source
PhysiCell: infected system and off-site immune... immunesys2ode open source
IMOD online imod open source
Impedance Adder impadder closed source
Single Impurity Lab impurity closed source
Machine Learning Impurity Levels in Semiconductors impurityml open source
Compact Model for Dual-Gate Bilayer GFETs imsmodelbilayer closed source
SimTool for Indirect Optical Absorption Using... inabstool open source
Tutorial for Indirect Optical Absorption Using... inabstutorial open source
Indentation Tool indentation closed source
electro optics index ellipsoid indexellipsoid closed source
Inelastic electron tunneling inelastictoy closed source
INFANT infantcloud open source
Interface force field interfaceff open source
Introductory Chemistry Labs introchemlabs open source
Machine Learning Lab Module intromllab open source
Introduction to SimTools introtosimtools open source
Multiscale model of the different modes of... invasiongui open source
cmos Inverter inverter open source
Inverse prediction using a straight line fitted... invpredlin open source
simTool: input and output examples ioexamples open source
Illinois Tools: ionchannel ionchannel closed source
Ion-selective sensors Lab ionsensorslab closed source
Mass spectrum ion trajectory iontrace closed source
iPlant BLAST Test ipctest open source
IRG2 MD Tool irg2mdtool open source
IR Spectrum Calculation irspec open source
Ising Model with Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method ising open source
ITRS itrs closed source
PhysiCell_mscb_class iu399sp19p001 open source
iu399sp19p030 iu399sp19p030 closed source
PhysiCell heterogeneity project iu399sp19p099 open source
Replication Competent Oncolytic Virus in... iu399sp19p100 open source
Replication Competent Oncolytic Virus... iu399sp19p101 open source
TPC4Cancerbots iu399sp19p299 closed source
Research Test Tool iu399sp19p301 closed source
Jamming of Soft Frictionless Spheres jamming closed source
Jared's test tool 9 jaredtest9 open source
JFETlab: An Online Simulation Tool for Double... jfetlab closed source
MSE educational tool: crystal structure and... jmoltool closed source
Jmol Structure Viewer jmolviewer closed source
Jupyter Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework... joommf open source
Javascript HTML App Test jsapptool open source
Calculating short circuit current density (Jsc)... jscfromeqe open source
testing a tool juptest open source
Jupyter Notebook (Deprecated) jupyter closed source
Jupyter Notebook (201708) jupyter41 closed source
Jupyter Notebook (201707) jupyter44 closed source
Jupyter Notebook (201803) jupyter51 closed source
Jupyter Notebook (201904) jupyter60 closed source
Jupyter Notebook (202105) jupyter70 closed source
Jupyter Notebook (Python 3.9) jupyter80 closed source
Jupyter development version jupyterdev open source
Jupyter Examples jupyterexamples open source
Jupyter - GPU jupytergpu closed source
Jupyter Lab jupyterlab open source
Jupyter Manual jupytermanual open source
Preferences For Jupyter jupyterprefs open source
Reliability Lab kekaoxing closed source
Kinetic and Potential Energy2 kepe open source
KiCad EDA kicad closed source
OpenKIM Explorer kimexplorer closed source
Kinetic and Potential Energy kinetic open source
KineticEvolver kineticevolver closed source
Kirigami simulation kirisim closed source
Kinetic Monte Carlo kmc open source
[Illinois] KohonenSOM kohonensom closed source
Cybernetic model - Kompala kompala closed source
KP Nanowire/UTB FET kpnanofet closed source
Periodic Potential Lab - Kronig Penney Model -... kronigpenneylab open source
Periodic Potential Lab kronig_penney closed source
MATLAB Kohn-Sham Solver kssolv open source
ParaView 3.10 64-bit kwparaview open source
Lab 3 for Lin lab3 open source
Lab Data Analysis Notebook labdatanb open source
Linear Analysis of Chemical Shift lacs closed source
LAMMPS DID development tool lammpsdid closed source
LAMMPS lammpstool closed source
land use parameters land open source
Langevin simulations of kink dynamics in 1D langevinkinks open source
LanTraP lantrap open source
LanTraP 2 lantrap2 open source
Laser laser closed source
Non-linear ultrafast pulse propagation in... laser2 closed source
Random laser dynamics laserdyn open source
Non-linear ultrafast pulse propagation in... laserprop1 closed source
Two-dimensional Lattice Protein Simulator latticeprotein open source
LAWilliams Test Tool - Do Not Use lawtest1 closed source
LCOE Calculator lcoe open source
Local Density Approximation lda open source
Learn Git in nanoHUB learngit open source
Learn Quantum Espresso learnqe closed source
RED-LED led open source
LegoGen legogen closed source
Tool for running PDB wide calculations. lemon open source
Truncated Levy model for TDTR levytdtr closed source
Rode's Method lfmobility closed source
LAMMPS and the choice of Force Fields lforcef closed source
Light Harvesting Complex II Excitation Transfer lh2exctransfer closed source
Ligand-influenced Anisotropic Network Model lianm open source
The Effective Fragment Potential Method... libefp open source
Libra libra open source
Linear Regression Analysis linregress closed source
Physicell: liver tissue mechanobiology (v2) liver2gui open source
Lynn Test Tool Please Ignore lkztest open source
LAMMPS RNE Thermal Conductivity Calculator lmprne closed source
Testing recent contribtool changes loremipsum closed source
Lorentzian fitting tool for phonon spectral... lorentzfit open source
First try of Laminate Plate Theory Modeling -1 lptool closed source
lhhnano lucent open source
Feb 23 test tool - ignore lynntestfeb23 open source
Lynn's Second Test Tool lynntesttool2 closed source
Lynn's tool lynntool closed source
Calibrate the NASA MAC Rappture tool maccalibrator closed source
Protein dynamics simulator macrodox closed source
M-file/Mif Automatic GEnerator mage open source
Magic AFM magicafm open source
Machine Learning Force Field for Materials maml open source
SugarCube-Piezoelectric Microrobotic Manipulator manipulator closed source
Assisted Editor for MAPP mappeditor open source
Materials Simulation Toolkit for Machine... mastml open source
Materials Simulation Toolkit for Machine... mastmltutorial open source
Mat Analysis Tool mat closed source
Querying Data Repositories matdatarepo open source
Material Data File Translator matdatatrans closed source
Matdcal matdcal closed source
PEDOT material open source
MATLAB R2021a matlab2021a closed source
MATLAB R2022a matlab2022a closed source
Matlab Data Analysis Using Jupyter Notebooks matlabdata open source
Learning MATLAB in the context of microelectronics matlabmicroelec open source
Matlab Coding and Data Analysis in the Context... matlabrad open source
Anisotropy Calculator - 3D Visualization Toolkit matrix2surface closed source
nano-Materials Simulation Toolkit matsimtk closed source
Machine-learning Assisted Virtual Exfoliation... mavelp open source
Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulatior mbrtd closed source
Monte Carlo Electron Dynamics mcbulk closed source
Minority Carrier Diffusion Equation (MCDE) Tool mcde closed source
Monte Carlo DNA Simulator mcdna closed source
Monte Carlo Computation of Probability of Failure mcprobf open source
Monte Carlo Phonon Transport Simulator mcpt closed source
Supercell Builder (Molecular Crystals) mcscellbuilder closed source
Quantum and Semi-classical Electrostatics... mctrigate closed source
LAMMPS Structure Analysis Toolkit mdanalysis open source
Model and Algorithm Prototyping Platform mde open source
Material Database GUI mdgui closed source
Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal... mdinterfaces closed source
MD Melting mdmelt open source
MD Melting Notebook mdmeltnb closed source
MD Sandbox mdsandbox open source
MD simulations of shock loading mdshocks open source
Molecular Dynamics Showcase Builder mdshowbuilder open source
Molecular Dynamics Showcase mdshowcase open source
MD Simulation mdsim closed source
Model Selection for Gaussian Mixture Models for... mdsl open source
MDStressLab – Computing Stress Fields in... mdstresslab open source
Nanoscale tensile tests with MD mdtensiletest open source
Thermal conductivity with molecular dynamics mdthermal open source
MD timestep helper mdtimestephelp open source
Vacancy Formation Energy with MD mdvacancy open source
MD Workflow mdworkflow open source
MedeA atomistic modeling environment medea closed source
Medici medici closed source
Meep meep closed source
meepnew meepnew closed source
MEEPPV meeppv open source
Group Meeting Videos meetingvideos closed source
Materials Graph Network megnet open source
BCC High Entropy Melting Point Calculation meltbccs open source
Visualization Dashboard for MPCAs meltdashboard open source
High Entropy Alloy Melting Point Calculation meltheas open source
Melting point simulation using OpenKIM meltingkim open source
Refractory Complex Concentrated Alloy Melting... meltrccas open source
MEMOSA: MEMS Overall Simulation Administrator memosa closed source
MEMOSA-based 2-Dimensional Pull-In Voltage... memosapiv2d closed source
Memristor Simulation Tool memristor closed source
Creep deformation in RF-MEMS memscreep closed source
MEM oscillator network application simulation memsoscnet open source
Memristor Linear Drift Model Simulation Tool memtool closed source
MESFET Lab mesfet closed source
Grain Boundary Mesh Generator meshgenmic open source
Plasmonic Bowtie Simulator mfbts closed source
Illinois Tools: Multigrid Tutorial mgbasic closed source
Multi-gate Nanowire FET mgnanowirefet closed source
Micelle micelle closed source
Microenvironment Concept Training App for... microenvnmtr open source
[Illinois]: Midbrain dopamine neuron responses... midbraindopamin closed source
MIF generator for OOMMF mif open source
Mimi mimi open source
MiniMol: Minimal Molecular Simulation Tool minimol open source
Minimos minimos closed source
Ebola Modeling and Interventions in Liberia miniproject open source
Minho Test minotest open source
Mixed Gas Adsorption Calculator mixedgasads open source
Mixed Gas Diffusion Calculator mixedgasdiff open source
ECG Data Analysis Using Machine Learning ml4ecg open source
Machine learning for high entropy atomic... mlatomprop open source
Machine Learning Defect Behavior in Semiconductors mldefect open source
Machine Learning Development Platform mldev closed source
ML-based Surrogate Models for Nusselt Number... mlmodels2d closed source
Machine Learning in Physics mlphysics open source
Modeling of Optical Multilayers for Both... mlspad closed source
No-hands ML models for Materials Science mltoolkit open source
OO Nano/MicroMagnetic Framework Lab mmfl open source
Materials at multiple scales: theory, modeling... mmm open source
Micromechanics Simulation Tool mmst closed source
Micro-Mechanics Simulation Tool: Thin film mmsttf closed source
Metal Nanowire mnw closed source
Mobility and Resistivity Tool mobiresis closed source
Illinois Tools: MOCA moca closed source
Bulk GaAs Ensemble Monte Carlo moca-ensemble closed source
Testing RBT models mocrbt closed source
Modelling HIV Within-Host Dynamics model open source
A UCSD analytic TFET model modeling open source
Population Modeling Tool modelpop closed source
MolCToy molctoy open source
molecule generator mole closed source
Molecular Exploration Tool molexpl closed source
MOLpull: A tool for molecular free energy... molpull closed source
Molecular Spectroscopy molspec open source
Python Data and Scripting for Computational... molssipython open source
Molecular Structure Tracer molst closed source
Classical vs Relativistic Momentum momentum closed source
MOOSE (Multi-physics Object Oriented Simulation... moose open source
MOS Simulator mos open source
MOSCap moscap closed source
moscap001 moscap00 open source
moscnt moscnt closed source
Cylindrical CNT MOSFET Simulator moscntr closed source
Intro to MOS-Capacitor Tool mosctool closed source
MOSFet mosfet closed source
MOS Simulation mosfet1 open source
MOSFET Simulation (Interactive notebook) mosfet2sat open source
MOSFETlab mosfetlab closed source
MOSFET Simulation mosfetsat open source
mosfetsimulatn mosfetsimulatn open source
CompuCell3D - Cells random walking at different... mot2ddemocc3d open source
PhysiCell: biased random migration demonstrator motility open source
MIT Photonic Bands mpb closed source
Materials Convex Hull mpconvex open source
mrappture mrappture closed source
MrBayes mrbayes open source
Multi Response Gaussian Process Model mrgp closed source
Multicellular modeling of mRNA vaccine-loaded... mrnatumor closed source
MRS Computational Materials Science Tutorial mrsicmsnotes open source
MR Sim mrsim closed source
Materials Data msedata open source
MSE educational demo tools msedemo closed source
Data Science for MSE mseds closed source
Machine Learning for Materials Science: Part 1 mseml open source
Introduction to Machine Learning in MSE:... msemlg closed source
Legend Design MSIM Device Simulator msimld open source
MSL Simulator msl closed source
EOLAS NEGF Transport Simulator mstaracademic closed source
A multiple sphere T-matrix FORTRAN code mstm open source
Model Selection Using Gaussian Mixture Models... msugmmpc closed source
Mesoscale Thermomechanical Materials Simulator mthemes open source
Magnetic Tunnel Junction Lab mtjlab closed source
Magnetic tunnel junction and spin transfer torque mtjstt closed source
Simulator for a T-stub transistor in a magnetic... mtstub closed source
mullitesttool mullitesttool open source
mullitesttool2 mullitesttool2 open source
mullitesttool3 mullitesttool3 open source
Multimeter multimeter closed source
Multiscale Modeling of Thermoelectric Cooler multiscaletec closed source
Practice Mutation Suggestion Code mutpro closed source
MIT Virtual Source Model Simulation Tool mvs closed source
MVS Model Parameter Fitting Tool mvsuqfit open source
GPU Implementation of MXMNet mxmnetgpu closed source
My new database for nano-bio interactions mynanodb open source
My New Tool Mynewtool open source
COVID Tellurium Project Tool myproject open source
Bio Composite Simulator nacresimulator closed source
NanoAdhesion Lab nanoadhesion closed source
NanoAdhesionLab nanoadhesionlab closed source
Illinois Tools: Nanoparticles Array Lab nanoarray open source
Polyvalent Nanoparticle Binding Simulator nanobind open source
Physicell: nanotherapy tool nanobio2 closed source
Nano Bio Builder nanobiobuilder closed source
Nano-Bio-Photonics Simulator nanobiophotsim open source
Nano-CMOS nanocmos closed source
Discretization of nanocomposits nanocomposit open source
nanocomposite thin films nanocomposite open source
Ions in Nanoconfinement nanoconfinement open source
Nanoconstructor nanoconstructor closed source
Mesoscale contact model with nanoscale asperities nanocontact closed source
CSV Utility nanocsv closed source
Database for Nanomaterials and related... nanodatabank closed source
nanocluster diffraction & lattice-image... nanodiffraction open source
Graphene Nanopore Drilling nanodrill closed source
MIT Tools for Energy Conversion and Storage nanoenergytools closed source
NanoFEAP nanofeap1 closed source
NanoFET nanofet closed source
Illinois Tools: Nanofilm Lab nanofilm open source
MuGFET nanofinfet closed source
Illinois Tools: NanoGromacsDemo nanogromacs closed source
Illinois Tools: NanoGromacs_Intro nanogromacsdemo open source
Illinois Tools: NanoGromacs nanogromacsii open source
Nano Heatflow nanoheatflow closed source
nanoHUB_CD nanohubcd closed source
Nanoindentation close to an interface nanoin closed source
Nanoindentation nanoindentation open source
nanoindentation+ nanoindentplus closed source
Illinois Tools: nanolammps nanolammps closed source
Nanomaterial Mechanics Results Explorer nanomatexplorer open source
Nanomaterial Mechanics Explorer nanomatmech open source
Clustermag nanomgnets closed source
Illinois Tools: nanomoldy nanomoldy closed source
NanoMOS nanomos open source
NanoMove nanomove closed source
NanoNet nanonet closed source
NanoNet - Distributed Computing nanonetcac closed source
nanophotonics lab nanonetwork closed source
Nichrome specific heat and stiffness matrix nanonichrome open source
Illinois Tools: Nanoparticle Quantitative Lab nanoparticle open source
2D time-dependent FORTRAN90 code based on FDTD... nanoplasmonics closed source
NanoPlasticity Lab nanoplasticity closed source
nanoplasticity test nanoplasticity2 closed source
nanoplasticity test notebook nanoplasticnb open source
Nano Predictor nanopredictor closed source
NanoRisk App nanoriskapp1 closed source
Nanoscale Solid-State Lighting Device Simulator nanossl closed source
Assignment1 nanotech open source
Nano Thermal Transport nanott closed source
Illinois Tools: Nanotube nanotube closed source
nano_tubes nanotubes open source
Nanoscale viscosity extractor nanovisc closed source
Nanowire nanowire closed source
Prophet Nanowire nanowireclassic closed source
Ensemble Multi-subband Monte Carlo Simulator in... nanowiremc closed source
nanowire with phonon scattering nanowirephonon closed source
NASA Micromechanics Analysis Code (MAC) nasamac closed source
nawigator nawigator closed source
Nanoplasmonic bowtic antenna simulator nbas open source
Polymer Nano Brush nbrush closed source
Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for... nccpf closed source
Nanocluster Irradiation Evolution Predictor ncevol open source
NCN Retrospective Metrics Report ncnretroreport open source
NCN URE Demo ncnure2018 open source
Nanodiamond Raman Analysis Tool ndraman open source
Magnetic Tunnel Junction needsmtj closed source
Released Resonant Body Transistor (RBT) needsrelrbt closed source
Single Ring Resonator needssrr closed source
NEEDS Model Test Suite needstest closed source
Nemo3D nemo closed source
NEMO3D Interactive Viewer nemo3dvis closed source
nemo5 nemo5 closed source
NEMO Nanowire nemowire closed source
Molecular Interactions nems closed source
qan meth netacad open source
Debugging Neural Networks netdebugger open source
Synchronization in Neural Systems neursynch open source
New nanomaterial database2 newnanodb2 closed source
nextnano nextnano closed source
Near-Field Modes Between Parallel Plates nfmbpp open source
Thermodynamic properties of ammonia-water mixtures nh3h2o closed source
nanoHUB Crash Test nhcrashtest open source
Understanding the Academic Impacts of nanoHUB nhimpacts closed source
nanoHUB Citations: Co-author Network Generator nhnetgen closed source
Introduction to nanohub remote nhremote open source
Nanohub Test Project nhtestproject3 open source
Nanoindentation Analyzer nianalyzer closed source
nicktest100 nicktest100 open source
test 3 nicktest3 closed source
ninithi ninithi closed source
Nisin Diffusion Tool nisindiffusion open source
JARVIS-FF nistjarvis closed source
Nanoparticle Optical Lattice Effects nlattice closed source
Nonlinear ENZ Calculator nlenz open source
namd nmad open source
Nmag micromagnetic package nmag closed source
Extinction, Scattering and Absorption... nmie closed source
nanoMATERIALS: DFT SeqQuest nmstseqquest closed source
nanoMATERIALS nanoscale heat transport nmstthermal closed source
nanoMATERIALS nanoscale heat transport with... nmstthermaluq closed source
nanoMATERIALS SeqQuest DFT nmst_dft closed source
Neural Net Force Field for molecules nnffformolecule open source
Test Tool for Neural Network Reactive Force... nnrf open source
Melting of RCCAs using Neural Network Reactive... nnrfmeltrccas open source
Radiation Cascades of MPEAs SimTool w/ NNRF nnrfradrccas open source
Tutorial on Using Machine-Learning to Model... nntut open source
Normal Distribution normdist closed source
Nanoparticle Assembly Lab npassemblylab open source
Illinois Tools: NP Junction: Long-Base... nplongbasedda closed source
Nanoparticle Shape Lab npshapelab open source
Illinois Tools: NP Junction: Short-Base... npshortbasedda closed source
NPT Simulator npt open source
NPT Solar Simulator nptss closed source
Nanowire Quantification Tool nqt open source
NEMS Relay Switch Simulator nrelay open source
Benchmarking of beyond-CMOS devices and circuits nribench open source
Non-Rigid Registration for STEM nrr closed source
Non-rigid Registration of STEM Images nrstem closed source
Nanosphere Electrostatics Lab nselectrostatic open source
Neural Systems Modeling Ch10-13 Master Tool nsmch10master closed source
Neural Systems Ch 13 Mastertool nsmch13master closed source
[Illinois]: Neural Systems Modeling Ch 6-9... nsmch6master closed source
[Illinois]: Neural Systems Modeling Ch 1-5... nsmmaster closed source
Nanosphere Optics Lab nsoptics closed source
Nanosphere Optics Lab Field Simulator nsoptics3d closed source
Nanosphere Optics Lab, Jr. nsopticsjr closed source
Nanotube analysis ntat closed source
NTU-effectiveness method heat exchanger tool ntueffect closed source
Northwestern University Initiative for Teaching... nuitns open source
nuSIMM: nanoHUB user Simulation Interface for... nusimm closed source
Optical Properties of Single Coaxial Nanowires nwabsorption closed source
NWChem nwchem closed source
Optical Properties of Single Coaxial Nanowires... nwldos closed source
Nanowire Orientation Quantification Tool nwoquantify open source
OCTAViEw octaview open source
Organic Transistor Model ofetmodel closed source
Ohm\'s Law ohmlaw closed source
Ohms Law ohmslaw closed source
PhysiCell simulation of GBM tumour under oHSV1... ohsv1gbmapp open source
OMEN_FET omenhfet closed source
OMEN Nanowire omenwire closed source
Ontology Viewer ontview closed source
OOF1 oof1 closed source
OOF2 oof2 open source
OOF3D: Finite Element Analysis of 3D... oof3d open source
OOMMF: Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework oommf open source
Optimized PAW pseudopotential Library opal closed source
Operational Amplifier opamp closed source
Bandgap Optimizer for Spectral Splitting PV... opt open source
Optical Properties of Semiconductors using... opticalprop open source
Illinois Tools: Optics Lab opticslab open source
Illinois Tools: Optical Beam Focusing System opticslens open source
HgCdTe Photodetector Lab optodet open source
Materials Query for Optical Applications optprop open source
Harmonic Properties of Semiconductors Virtual Lab optpropsuite open source
OPV Lab opv closed source
Organic Photovoltaic Device Model opvdm open source
Electronic Structure with ORCA orca closed source
ab initio simulations with ORCA orcatool open source
Colorectal Cancer Organoid Model organoidtumor open source
Optimal Tensile Strength ots closed source
Optimized Workflow for Electronic and... owetp open source
session1 oxidation open source
Padre padre closed source
Agere PADRE device simulator padreagere closed source
Paradim Tutorials paradimtutorial open source
Parallel Python Coding examples in Jupyter... parallelcoding open source
Particle Adhesion partad closed source
Quantum particle in 1D box particle1dbox open source
Particle Diffusion in Channel particlediffusi open source
Particle Dynamics Simulator particlesim open source
Hydrodynamic Particle Trapping particletrap open source
Particle Velocity Estimate particleve open source
Functionalization Workbench partsub open source
Traction Force Microscopy parttrack closed source
Noisy Chemotaxis Parameter Sweep patchychemotax open source
Pattern Formation in Bacterial Populations patform open source
Pathway pathway closed source
PhysiBoSS simulation of COVID19 infection pb4covid19 open source
PhysiBoSSa: cell fate decision in TNF Boolean... pba4tnf open source
[Illinois]: Sigmoidal unit training with the... pbndeltarule closed source
[Illinois]: Predictor-corrector simulation of... pbnpredict closed source
Pilling-Bedworth Ratio Calculator pbratio open source
PC1D pc1d closed source
Three-Type Multicellular Simulation Lab pc3types open source
PhysiCell biorobots simulation pc4biorobots open source
boogie tool pc4boogie open source
PhysiCell cancer biorobots simulation pc4cancerbots open source
PhysiCell cancer-immune model pc4cancerimmune open source
PhysiCell model for COVID19 pc4covid19 open source
PhysiCell COVID19 model v6 test pc4covid19v6 open source
PC4 testing tool pc4dummies open source
PhysiCell-Fury 3D tumor pc4fury open source
PhysiCell for tumor heterogeneity pc4heterogen open source
PhysiCell for Kidney FTU pc4kidneyapp open source
PhysiCell for Kidney FTU Qt pc4kidneyapp2 open source
PhysiCell learning by examples pc4learning open source
PhysiCell: liver tissue mechanobiology pc4livermedium open source
PhysiCell for cell mechanics on a 2D membrane pc4membrane2d open source
pc4nanobio: cancer nanotherapy simulator pc4nanobio open source
PhysiCell model with SBML intracellular model pc4sbml open source
pc4thanos : Thanos vs. Avengers multicellular... pc4thanos open source
PhysiCell workshop training pc4training open source
PhysiCell Model for kidney tubule dynamics pc4tubule open source
PhysiCell 3D tumor pc4tumor3d open source
PhysiCell for tumor3D for ML pc4tumor3dml open source
PhysiCell model for tumor hypoxia pc4tumorhypoxia open source
PhysiCell virus-macrophage system pc4virusmacro open source
PhysiCell "Worms" sample project pc4worm open source
PhysiCell 3-types model pc4ws21team42 open source
PhysiCell Model Builder GUI pc4xml open source
PhysiCell: invader-scout-attacker system pcisa open source
PhysiCell Model Builder pcmodel open source
Piece-Wise Constant Potential Barriers Tool pcpbt closed source
PDB Viewer pdbviewer closed source
Pegasus Tutorial pegtut open source
Lattice Percolation Simulator perc open source
Perfect Absorber Metamaterial simulator perfectabsorber open source
Periodic Potential periodicpot closed source
ML-aided High-throughput screening for Novel... perovmldis closed source
AI-driven design of halide perovskite high... perovshepml open source
Compact model of PMA STT MTJ perspinmtj closed source
[Illinois]: Perturbative Reinforcement Learning... pertdd open source
[Illinois]: Perturbative Reinforcement Learning... pertdistrep open source
[Illinois]: Error Gradient Estimations Due to... pertgrad1by1 open source
[Illinois]: Error Gradient Estimations Due to... pertgradll open source
PETE : Purdue Emerging Technology Evaluator pete closed source
Parallel Total Energy petot open source
Protein Free Energy Landscapes pfel closed source
High Temperature Calculations for Refractory... phasekim open source
Phasor phasor closed source
Simple Photonic Crystals phcband closed source
Photoionization Rate phir open source
Spectral phonon relaxation time calculation... phononlifetime open source
Phonon NEGF phononnegf closed source
BTE Phonon Transport Simulator phonts open source
photocapacitor photocapacitor open source
PhotonicsCL: Photonic Cylindrical Multilayer... photonicscl closed source
PhotonicsDB: Optical Constants photonicsdb closed source
PhotonicsNL photonicsnl closed source
PhotonicsPOS: Particle on Substrate photonicspos closed source
PhotonicsRT: Wave Propagation in Multilayer... photonicsrt closed source
Molecular Foundry Photonics Toolkit photonicstk closed source
PhotonicVASEfit: VASE fitting tool photonicvasefit closed source
PhysiCell: Extracellular Matrix Modeling physicellecm open source
PhysiCell test physicelltest closed source
Photonic Inverse Design pid closed source
Pi Day Python Workshop 2022 pidaypython2022 open source
SugarCube_ELDA piezo open source
MEMS Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy... piezoharvest open source
piezos3DLive piezoslive closed source
Photosynthetic Pigment Finder pigmentfinder open source
Photosynthetic Protein Spectroscopy Lab pigmenthunter open source
Path Integral Monte Carlo pimc open source
PIN diode pin open source
Soil Plainstrain 2D plainstrain2d closed source
Plastic Deformations of Thin Films plasfilm closed source
System of Systems Analytic Workbench Toolset plottool closed source
Cell Based Percolation Modeling for TDDB pmtddb closed source
pn junction applications pnbase closed source
PN_ Junction pndot open source
Abdul pnjunction1190 open source
PNJunction App pnjunctionapp open source
PN Junction Lab (New Interactive Front End) pnjunctionlab open source
Illinois Tools: PN Junction Long-Base Depletion... pnlongbasedda closed source
Parsimonious neural networks pnndemo open source
PNP Cyclic Peptide Ion Channel Model pnppeptide open source
Illinois Tools: PN Junction Short-Base... pnshortbasedda closed source
PN Junction Lab pntoy closed source
Polymer Explorer polyexp closed source
Polymer Genetic Algorithm polyga open source
Polymatic polymatic closed source
Polymer Builder polymerbuilder closed source
Polymer Coarse Graining for Force Field Creation polymercg open source
Atomistic Polymer Workflow Notebook polymerwfnb closed source
PolymerXtal - Polymer Crystal Structure... polymerxtal open source
Polymer Modeler polymod closed source
Thin Film Micro Thermoelectric Power Generation... power closed source
[Illinois]: Predict Correct Set Up predcorsetup closed source
Cu in CdTe Lab predicts1d closed source
Cu in CdTe Lab (2D Version) predicts2d closed source
Coarse-Grained Model of RF MEMS Device prismcg closed source
PRISMS-PF: Equilibrium Shape for a Misfitting... prismspfmisfit open source
the photoreflectance simulation of quantum cascade profrenfei001 open source
Projectile Motion Example Tool projectile open source
Process Lab: Concentration-Dependent Diffusion prolabcdd closed source
Process Lab: Defect-coupled diffusion prolabdcd closed source
Process Lab: Ion Implantation prolabion closed source
Process Lab:Oxidation prolabox closed source
Process Lab: Oxidation Flux prolaboxflux closed source
Prophet prophet closed source
Prophet-P prophetp closed source
Demo of Loading and Visualizing Proteins from... proteindemo open source
proviamoiltool prova1 open source
PetaScale Helmholtz 3D psh3d closed source
Probabilistic Spin Logic Simulator pslsim closed source
PSPICE Toolkit pspice closed source
A novel MEMS graphical design & simulation tool psugar closed source
Purdue University Bifacial Module Calculator (PUB) pub closed source
Purdue University Meteorological Tool pumet closed source
PUQ Uncertainty Quantification Tool puq open source
1D finite element analysis ME 323 purdueme323 open source
Purdue ME352 purdueme352 closed source
Purdue ME 581-Numerical Methods in Engineering... purdueme581 open source
Purdue MSE 250 purduemse250 closed source
MSE educational tool: crystal structures,... purduemse270 closed source
PV Analyzer pvanalyzer open source
Solar cell IV curve explorer pviv closed source
PVLimits: PV thermodynamic limit calculator pvlimits closed source
Photovoltaic material database pvmatdb closed source
Solar Panel installation simulation pvpanel open source
PVpanel Sim pvpanelsim closed source
Berkeley Photovoltaic Cell Simulator pvsimulator closed source
PVTE pvte closed source
Phase Transforming Cellular Materials Simulator pxcm open source
Graphical User Interface for Pymatgen pymatgengui closed source
PyMOL pymol closed source
PyOxidation pyoxidation closed source
Pyroptosis Model pyro open source
pySIMM Forcefield Typing pysimmff closed source
Python-based Toolkit for Solid Solution... pysspredict open source
Quantum Dynamics Glass Transition Temperature qbttgnb open source
QCAPro qcapro closed source
the photoreflectance simulation qcdpr001 open source
QC-Lab qclab open source
Quantum Capacitance Limited Graphene FET qclgfet closed source
Quasicontinuum Method qcmethod closed source
Photovoltaics QCRF-FDTD Simulator qcrf4photo closed source
QC test qctest1 closed source
Quantum Dot Lab qdot closed source
Quantum Dot Lab, Jr. qdotjr closed source
QDOT Jupyter Test qdotjuptest open source
Quantum Dot Lab via Jupyter qdotjupyter closed source
Nanostructured Optoelectronics Toolbox qdotled open source
QLV_babaei qdotmech open source
mont carl qdott closed source
Quantum Espresso Pseudopotential Database qeppdb open source
Qhull solver qhsolver closed source
Quantum Point Contact qpc closed source
Interactive Quantum Prisoner's Dilemma Application qpd open source
QSTEM online qstem open source
Quantum Thermal Bath Molecular Dynamics Lab qtblab open source
Thermal Conductivity Lab qtrans closed source
Quantum Atomistic Device Simulator quads3d closed source
QuaMC2D quamc2d closed source
Quantum Thermal Bath MD Lab quantumbathlab open source
Quantum LED Modeling Tool quantumled closed source
Qucs with SPICE qucsngspice closed source
Quantum Dot Quantum Computation Simulator qudosim closed source
Query Materials Project Database querympdata closed source
Quantum Gate Simulation Lab qugate open source
Quantum Interconection Lab quit closed source
Competence/Sporulation Decision by quorum... quorumsensing open source
Q-factor calculator with Uncertainty... quq closed source
QWalk Quantum Monte Carlo Tutorial qwalk open source
COVID-19 R0 Estimator r0estimator2 open source
Rugate filter r169253 open source
Process Optimization of Graphene Growth r2roptimizer closed source
R3 Model Xyce Simulation Lab r3xyce open source
Radiative Cooling Experiment radcool closed source
Radiation Hardening Modules radhardmod open source
Thermoelectric Module Simulator for Radiant... radiantte closed source
Radiation and Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment... radiationsim open source
Radiation Damage in RCCAs radrccas open source
random tool random open source
rapp - Pythonic Rappture Library rapp open source
archimed rappturearchime open source
Rate Law Lab ratelaws closed source
Rigorous Analysis of Wave Diffraction On Gratings rawdog closed source
RC Circuit Simulation rccircuit closed source
Realistic Deep Belief Network Simulation Framework rdbnd closed source
Radial Distribution Function Calculator rdf open source
ReaxFF reaxff597a closed source
REBO rebomd closed source
CHO REBO-MD rebomd-cho closed source
Redundancy Test Tool redundancy open source
Refractory alloys arc melting fabrication refarcmeltfab open source
asforreflection reflectionfortr closed source
Refractory Oxidation Database refoxdb open source
REMD Protein Folding remdfolding closed source
Reppert Group Tool Test reppertgrtest closed source
Specific Resistance for Copper Interconnects resist closed source
Resistor Color Code resistorcode closed source
Radiation-Induced Segregation Simulator for... rispredictor open source
RIVEM rivem closed source
Interactive Learning Tools for Scientific... rjupyternb closed source
RLC Circuits rlc closed source
Isotropic random fracture model for metal... rndmfrc open source
Roller Compactor rollr closed source
romdegradation: Physics-based, Reduced Order... romdegradation closed source
RStudio rstudio open source
Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulator rtd open source
Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulation with NEGF rtdnegf closed source
[Illinois]: Running Average runningaverage closed source
S4 Editor s4editor open source
S4: Stanford Stratified Structure Solver s4sim open source
Self-Assembling GUI Application (SAGA) saga open source
Simulation and Admittance Analysis for Advanced... samis open source
sandbox sandbox open source
DARPA Sandbox-1D tool to simulate BA media sandbox1dba closed source
Sandbox2D FDTD Multiphysics simulator sandbox2d closed source
Series and Parallel sandp closed source
Schottky-Barrier CNFET sbcnfet closed source
SboxN15 sbox closed source
Data Repository and SCALE/NCN Platform scaledatarepo open source
Si, Ge and Sn dispersion scdisp closed source
Self-Consistent Field Nanowire scfnanowire closed source
Schred schred closed source
Schroedinger-Poisson Solver (2-D) schrpoisson2d closed source
Short Channel MOSFET scmosfet closed source
Molecule Sculptor sculptor open source
Self Assembly selfassembly closed source
(SELFIES): A 100% robust molecular string... selfies closed source
Drift-Diffusion Lab semi closed source
Semiconductor Doping semidop closed source
BioSensorLab senstran closed source
tcad sentaurus open source
Tamoxifen Mechanistic Model sermslide open source
SEST sest closed source
SETEb seteb open source
Simulator for Single Electron Transistor setsim_nanohub closed source
Simple Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) sfdtd closed source
MSE educational tool: visualization of stacking... sfe closed source
Stacking Fault Energy Demo sfedemo open source
Space Group Classifier sgclassifier open source
Moscap Visualization sgmoscap open source
PhotonicsSHA-2D: Modeling of Single-Period... sha2d closed source
Dynamic Crack Growth under Periodic Excitation... shakefracture open source
Viscoelastic Shear Lag shearlag open source
SiCloud: Silicon Photonics Cloud sicloud closed source
SIESTA siesta closed source
One Dimensional PN Junction Silicon Solar Cell... silux1d closed source
Silvaco TCAD silvacotcad closed source
Simple MD code simd closed source
Simulation Tool Explorer simexplorer open source
Small-scale Interactive Molecular Simulations sims closed source
SimTech Integration Test simtech closed source
Test Tool for new SimTools simtooltest open source
Silicon-nanowire DNA-sensor sinwdnasensor closed source
2D slab slab open source
SlabDDSCAT slabddscat open source
CC3D Slime Mold Simulation slimemold open source
Semiconductor-Liquid Interface Simulations slinterface open source
Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for... slpf closed source
SMC smc closed source
2d Ideal Gas Molecular Dynamics smdc open source
Multi-terminal Spin Valve on Channels with Spin... smlsv closed source
Stochastic Multi-Objective Optimization Tool smoot closed source
SNaP SnP Utilities snap open source
social behavior analysis tool socialbehavior closed source
tcad tool with machine learning soimosfet123 open source
organic solar cell solarcell closed source
Multilayer Solar Cell Structure Optics Solver solarlayers closed source
Solar PV solarpv open source
Solar Thermoelectric Generator Simulation Tool solarte open source
Solidification Simulation of Pure Metal in... solidifpure open source
Spatial Pattern Formation in Cell Based Models spatialpatern open source
Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) in Nanoparticles spectraesrabs open source
Spectral analysis of non-equilibrium molecular... spectralnemd open source
3D Packing of Sphere-Polyhedra sph closed source
Spice3f4 spice3f4 closed source
SPICE Subcircuit Generator for Spintronic... spincircuit open source
Spin Coupled Quantum Dots spincoupleddots open source
Analytic Spin Precession Simulator spinprecession closed source
Spin Quantum Gate Lab spinqugate open source
Spin Transport Modeling Tool spintransport open source
Molecular Dynamics of Spiropyran Polymer spiropyranmd open source
Spectral Phonon Properties Prediction from MD... spmd closed source
Squirmer flow field simulation sqmrffsimu open source
Random and Special Quasirandom Structure Generator sqsatat open source
Phase Behavior of Square Wellium squarewell open source
SCHRED Second Generation sshred closed source
Simtool Crystal viewer st4crystal open source
Double Gate MOScap st4dgmoscap open source
Nanowire Simtool st4nanowire closed source
pntoy using simtool infrastructure st4pnjunction open source
st4pnjunction wrapper st4pnjunctionws open source
Single Gate Moscap st4sgmoscap closed source
Hiemenz Stagnation Point Flow stagptflow closed source
Molecular dynamics simulation trajectory analyzer stanalyzer closed source
Scattering of Gold Nanostars starscat open source
Introduction to statistics, distributions, and... statslab open source
Simulation based Thermal Design Framework for... stedfast closed source
Stick2D stick2d closed source
Atomic Stick-Slip stickslip closed source
StrainBands strainbands closed source
Uniaxial and Biaxial Stress Strain Calculator... straincalc open source
III-V Strain Compensation Calculator straincomp open source
Strengths and Structures BETA1 strengthstr1 closed source
Stretching Simulation of FCC Crystal stretchfcc closed source
Stretching simulation of an alpha-helical... stretchmol closed source
LAMMPS Data-File Generator struc2lammpsdf open source
LAMMPS structure generator struct2lammps closed source
Sudoku sudoku closed source
SUGARCube - Cantilever sugar closed source
Sugar 2, MEMS Simulation Tool sugar2 closed source
SUGARCube - ADXL Accelerometer sugaradxl closed source
Sugaraid sugaraid closed source
SugarAid ECE202 sugaraidece202 closed source
SugarAid Thermodynamics sugaraidme200 closed source
SUGARCube - Clamped-Clamped Flexure sugarccflex closed source
SUGARCube - Chevron Thermal Actuator sugarchevron closed source
SUGARCube - Crab-Leg Flexure sugarclflex closed source
SugarCube sugarcube closed source
SugarCube01a sugarcube01a closed source
sugarcube-cad sugarcubecad closed source
SugarEx sugarex open source
SUGARCube - Netlist Input Tool sugarnl closed source
SUGARCube - Serpentine Flexure sugarserpflex closed source
MEMS Resonator - Tang sugartangcd closed source
SugarCube Variation Analysis sugarvariation closed source
Generalized Supercell Builder supercell closed source
Surface Area Calculator surfacearea open source
Surface Calculator surfacecalc closed source
Supercell Surface Solver surfacesolver closed source
Surface reconstruction analysis tool surface_ek_tool closed source
Surface Evolver GUI surfevolvergui open source
Deep learning surrogate for SIR models surrogate101 open source
SVR Machine Learning Workshop svr open source
nanoJoule swntjiv closed source
[Illiniois]: SynchUp synchup closed source
Temperature Accelerated Dynamics tad closed source
tanya test tool tanyatest open source
TRANSARCH tarch open source
Tight-Binding Analysis Tool tbat closed source
Tuberculosis Model Incorporating Treatment,... tbmodel open source
Thermo-Calc Educational Package tcacademic closed source
NEGF TCAD for FETs based on 2D material tcad2dfet closed source
CD8 T-cell Simulation tcellproject open source
THERMAL CNT tcnt closed source
Purdue Thermo-Calc Plotter tcplotter open source
Time-dependent gate oxide breakdown Lab tddb closed source
Small Molecules in Intense Lasers via... tddft closed source
1D Kohn-Sham equation for two electrons tdks open source
Thermoelectric Air Conditioning teac closed source
On-Chip Thermoelectric Cooling Tool tec closed source
Thermoelectric Power Generator System... tedev closed source
Simulation of the Thin Electric Double Layer in... tedl open source
Theoretical Electron Density Visualizer tedvis open source
Thermoelectric Generator Module with Convective... teg closed source
Tellurium tellurium open source
TEM Lattice Calculator temlattice open source
Optimization of thermoelectric modules temoduleopt open source
[Illinois]: Temporal Difference, Iterative... tempdiff closed source
Temperature profile of transient... temttr closed source
Thermoelectric Simulation Tool Kit tesimtoolkit closed source
Intructions test10 open source
Testing developer list test27 closed source
testD testd open source
PhotonicsGAIN-0D testgain0d closed source
Test-ModSim testgatech closed source
tool registration test testpascal closed source
tool registration test2 testpascal2 closed source
MyTestTool testtool closed source
TensorFlow Tutorials tftutorials open source
Glass transition temperature notebook tgnb closed source
Thermal Conductivity Simulator thermalcond closed source
Thin-Film and Multi-Element Thermoelectric... thermo closed source
Thermophysical Property Calculation thermocalc closed source
Combined Microstructure and Heat Transfer... thermomechcnt closed source
Thermoelectric transport thermotrans closed source
Thin film Solar cell thinfilmsolar1 open source
Triple Heterojunction TFET thjtfet closed source
tidyverse Data Science Tools for STEM... tidystem open source
Tight Binding Python Model tightbinding open source
Grain Boundary Mobility tinwhis open source
[Illinois]: Kohonen self-organizing map (SOM)... tonotopicsom closed source
IV characteristics MOSFET tool1 open source
My nanoHUB App toolshortname open source
Torsion Angle Rotation Energy Calculator torrot closed source
Two Photon Lithography tpl closed source
Modeling and visualization of geometric errors... tplvaranlz open source
Thermophotovoltaic Experiment tpvexpt closed source
TPV efficiency simulation tpvtest closed source
Thermophotonic Selective Emitter Simulation tpxsim open source
trailtool trailtool closed source
Transformer tran closed source
duble gate transistor closed source
Transport Mechanism in Semiconductors transportmech closed source
TRANSpull: computes pulling coupled to... transpull closed source
TrapSimulator trapsimulator open source
Cycle Training App for PhysiCell trcycle open source
Death Training App for PhysiCell trdeath open source
Mechanics Training App for PhysiCell trmechanics open source
Microenvironment Training App for PhysiCell trmicroenv2 open source
Motility Training App for PhysiCell trmotility open source
Secretion Training App for PhysiCell trsecretion open source
Volume Training App for PhysiCell trvolume2 open source
Topological Scaling Algorithm tsa open source
Tip-Sample Dynamics in Atomic Force Microscopy tsafm closed source
Multi-species Biofilm on Wound Surface tsbiofilmsp19 open source
a tool of investigating code reuse behavior tscodereuse closed source
testing_SEIRD tseird closed source
tsuprem4 tsuprem4 closed source
Two-temperature Non-equilibrium Molecular... ttmmd open source
CompuCell3D AdhesionFlex Demo ttoolmake closed source
thermoreflectance ttrfit closed source
lkz test 1 ttt1 closed source
Tunnel FET Compact Model tunnelfet closed source
Wind Turbine Power Prediction turbinepredict closed source
Extremely Large Dfelection Actuator for Rotation twistoflex open source
[Illinois]: Two leaky integrators in series twoleakseries closed source
Two-unit oculomotor integrator twounitintegrat closed source
Two well thermionic model twth closed source
MIT Atomic-Scale Modeling Toolkit ucb_compnano closed source
UDM FitTool udmfit closed source
emtl_fitting uhometr open source
[Illinois]: Posterior probability of a target... unisensorybayes closed source
[Illinois]: Posterior target probability given... unisensorydelta closed source
[Illinois] A Response of a Single Neuron with... unitwitposfb closed source
UQ for materials modeling uq4mm open source
Interatomic potentials in atomistic simulation uqmd closed source
Rosenbrock Function for testing Uncertainty... uqtest open source
Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) Tutorial uqtutorial open source
UV/Vis Spectra simulator uvspec closed source
VALint: the NEEDS Verilog-A Checker (BETA) vachecker open source
Variational Autoencoder vae closed source
Vistec VB6 EBL Dose Pattern Generator vb6dosenumber closed source
VEDA: Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM veda open source
[Illinois]: Velocity storage and leakage velstoreleak closed source
Image analysis of a vesicle vesicles closed source
VESTA: Visualization for Electronic and... vesta open source
In Progress vhmxcracks closed source
Computational prediction of SoM of CYP enzymes vicypsom closed source
NanoTCAD ViDES vides closed source
A virion replication tissue simulator virion2copy open source
Multicellular modeling of SARS-CoV-2 dynamics... virion2pbpd open source
A virion endocytosis tissue simulator virion2receptor open source
A virion infected-cell response tissue simulator virion2response open source
Viscoelastic Heating under Oscillatory Excitation viscoheat closed source
Nanoindentation of soft viscoelastic materials viscoindent open source
Visi - A VTK- and QT-Based Open-Source Project... visi closed source
Nanovis Server Code visserver closed source
Virtual Kinetics Materials Library vkml open source
ferroelectric vkmlf open source
Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory:... vkmlggs open source
The Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory vkmllive open source
Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory :... vkmlpsgg open source
Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory :... vkmlsd open source
Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory:... vkmlsd3d open source
ITG Virtual Lab (Virtual Microscopes) vlab closed source
VLE Simulator vle open source
VMD molecule visualization and analysis tool vmdtool closed source
Void Fraction Calculator voidfrac open source
VolQD volqd closed source
Volta: Equilibrium Electrostatic Potential for... volta closed source
Concept of Cell Volume Training App for PhysiCell volumetr open source
Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion simulator vsepr closed source
MIT Virtual-Source Tool vsmod closed source
QDL vtqd open source
Light propagation in photonic lattice waveguides closed source
Physical Modeling of OPV wazedur closed source
WebWATsite webwatsite open source
Weekly Pulse Dashboard weeklypulse open source
Wheatstone Bridge wheat closed source
Temp Exercise widgets open source
A jupyter notebook showcasing widgets widgets2 open source
test_tool_upload widtest open source
Locust-flight central pattern generator wilsoncpg closed source
Winners-take-all network model winnerstakeall closed source
Continuous casting of weld filler wire wirecasting closed source
Workspace workspace closed source
Workspace 10 workspace10 closed source
Workspace (for Lenny 32-bit) workspace32 closed source
Workspace (for Squeeze 64-bit) workspace64 closed source
Workspace - GPU workspacegpu open source
Workspace for test VNC server and novnc client workspacenovnc closed source
Wound Healing - Physicell woundhealingpc open source
Web Service Querying wso closed source
WTND Tool Title WTND open source
Equilibrium Wulff Shape Generator wulffman open source
wxAMPS wxamps closed source
Extended Atomistic Green's Function Method for... xagf closed source
Berkeley XAS xas closed source
xdotgrid xdotgrid closed source
eXtensible multi-dimensional simulator xmds2 open source
XPS thickness calculator xpsthick open source
XPS Thickness Solver xpsts closed source
MSE educational tool: X-ray diffraction (XRD)... xrd closed source
XRD interactive trends plot xrdinteract open source
Yambo yambo closed source
Linear Regression Young's modulus youngsmod open source
Zener Breakdown zdiode closed source
ZENO zeno open source
Lynn 1.2.2 Test tool zentnerltest closed source
Zooley's Notebook zooleyipnb1 closed source
Zooley's Test 1 zooleylinux1 closed source
Impedance Analysis Calculator ztool closed source