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ChemKinetics?: Tool Information Page

Each tool on nanoHUB has an information page that provides a description of the tool, related resources, and credits. For example, this page describes the Quantum Dot Lab:

As a first step toward building that page for your tool, edit this page and fill in the sections below.


Who should be credited with contributing this tool? Who worked on it? Please list all of the authors for this work, in order of importance from top to bottom:

Contributor NamenanoHUB login or other contact information
Joe Programmerjoep
Jane ResearcherSome University
Bob Helperbobh@…

NOTE: You can supply more details about the contributions these people made and other acknowledgements in the Credits section below.

At a Glance

This is a one-line description of your tool:

Purdue Emerging Technology Evaluator


Fill in a longer description (few paragraphs) about your tool here:

Blah, blah, blah...

Related Resources

Are there any related seminars, tutorials, homework assignments, or other items on nanoHUB? Any other books or references that help explain the theory? If so, list them here:

Powered By

Is your tool built on top of some other well-known simulator or engine? If so, then credit that simulator here:

Powered by Other Tool developed at Some University. For more details, see


Was your tool built by a large team of people? Then describe their roles here:

Joe Programmer, Jane ResearcherCore engine
Bob HelperGUI development
I.M. SmartTheory

Was this work funded by a grant? Give thanks here:

This work was funded by the Society of Deep Pockets (SDP) and the Network for Huge Projects (NHP).


How would you like people to cite this work? Here's a suggestion:

If you are using the tool for any publication, we request that you cite:

  1. "My Paper," Joe Programmer, Jane Researcher, Extra Special Journal Volume 3, No. 5 pp 123-456 (2006).
  2. Simulations were performed by PETE on