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Crystal Viewer Tool: Visualize different lattices and planes

Welcome to the Crystal Viewer Tool development area. This project is for people actively developing source code and documentation for this tool.

  • GettingStarted - learn how to download the current code and make changes
  • TicketSystem - use trouble tickets to report problems and document ideas for future development

What is Crystal Viewer Tool?

Crystal Viewer Tool is aimed at students who are new to the area of crystals and need help in understanding various bravais lattices, material crystal systems and concepts of miller indices. This tool provides interactive images of crystals which the user can view in various perspective. This tool hopes to clear some of the doubts that students have when they are taught about the various lattices and crystals. Use the tool, explore its possiblities and also provide us with feedback since that will help us in improving the tool.

How do I use this site?

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