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MolCToy: Toy Model for Molecular Conduction


Welcome to the MolCToy development area. This project is for people actively developing the MolCToy simulator.

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What is MolCToy?

MolCToy (Molecular Conduction Toy model) computes current-voltage (I-V) characteristics and conductance spectrum (G-V) of a molecule sandwiched between two metallic contacts, one of which could be a scanning probe. This tool similar to Huckel-IV, but with a simplified, toy model. It reproduces much of the same physics, but with non-physical inputs. In particular, you specify the energy levels of a hypothetical molecule, the coupling between the molecule and the contacts, and an estimate of the single-electron charging energy for the molecule. Huckel-IV, on the other hand, takes the arrangement of atoms in a molecule and computes the other quantities directly from that.

Check out this demo.

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