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nanoFET: simulates ballistic transport in 2D MOSFET devices

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What is nanoFET?

Quantum mechanical size quantization in the inversion layer and phase coherent transport are anticipated to have significant impact on device performance in ballistic nanoscale transistors. In this simulator, a framework for 2D quantum mechanical simulation of a nanotransistor/metal oxide field effect transistor has been presented. This framework consists of the nonequilibrium Green’s function equations solved self-consistently with Poisson’s equation. Solution of this set of equations is computationally intensive. Nonuniform spatial grids are essential to limit the total number of grid points while at the same time resolving physical features. A new algorithm for efficient computation of electron density without complete solution of the system of equations even in the presence of nonzero self-energies throughout the device has been used in this simulator.

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NanoFET was originally developed at NASA Ames Research Center, Mail Stop T27A-1, Moffett Field, California 94035-1000. It has been parallelized with MPI and ported to various platforms at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA. More information on NanoFET can be found on M. P. Anantram’s web page and by contacting Shaikh S. Ahmed

If you are using the tool for any publication, we request that you cite:

  • Simulations were performed on
  • “Two Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Nanotransistors”, A. Svizhenko, M. P. Anantram, T. R. Govindan, B. Biegel and R. Venugopal, J. of Appl. Phys., vol. 91, p. 2343 (2002).

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