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Discussions on the improvement of the nanowire tool and all of its capabilities. The core people at this time are Saumitra and Ben Haley

9/6/2007 meeting

  • uncoupled mode space with scattering appears to be not operational on the nanohub
  • coupled mode space was not tested well

work status:

  • taken the precompiled nanowire code for hamlet and lear. Code gets killed in 30 minutes on both machines. -- Error message snapshot attached

Tasks to be done - please report on their progress / completion further below.

  • double check on the various standard inputs, compare against standard rappture input. Figures out what the fundamental operaionts are in nanowire.
  • compile code from scratch
  • draw a diagram of information flow in the code
  • understand and present the rappture wrapper file
  • document the code segments that are understood with doxygen-like comments
  • clearly identify failure patterns on the production verion on the nanoHUB - what works, and what does not work.