Last modified 6 years ago Last modified on 10/22/07 14:08:19
  • Memory tracking subroutine
    • Works in parallel? Reports all memory on all nodes?
  • Understand where the defaults (length, diameter, mesh) are set in the Rappture scripts
  • Studies:
    • Memory usage vs. length (fixed diameter) See Meeting#4
    • Memory usage vs. diameter (fixed length)
      Requires "triangle" to generate new mesh -- Gerhard will contact original authors - Got Access to triangle results in Meeting#7

  • TODO
    • Coordinate with Steve Clark to sort out triangle dependencies: is nanowire the only nanoHUB app which relies on triangle? If so, move it to the nanowire repository; if not, move triangle to its own app
    • Compares Saumitra's downloaded triangle code to /apps triangle code (diff) - two codes are pretty much same. The problem I see was a slight bug in transferred(downloaded) code which was copy/pasted (working on Windows platform!).