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node 0 for all simulations. standard device as L=10nm Ls=8nm D=3nm =1nm.


  • UMS Uncoupled mode space
  • UMS-AVE Uncoupled mode space with averaging
  • CMS Coupled mode space
  • CMS-AVE Coupled mode space with averaging
  • BUE Uncoupled mode space with Buttiker (Scattering)
  • BUE-AVE Uncoupled mode space with Buttiker with averaging (Scattering)


  • Gate Length vs Resident Size Memory usage ( / Time )
    • Performed for "circle-1" mesh files ( => D=3 Tox=1).
    • Buttiker (scatterting mode) mode didnt converge L=20 nm and L=30 nm
  • Diameter vs Resident Memory usage
    • Performed for mesh generated corresponding D=3 to D=12
    • Buttiker mode didnt converge for D=9,12nm
    • Memory usage oscillates for buttiker mode.