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  • Q1) I have problems in understanding the functions on Prophet codes(attached file)- eg, dos, ni, quasiFermi_fd, mob0, nic, tau, band - I want to know the exact equations with which Prophet uses for these functions.

A1) Did you find it in the user manual ?

-> Re: Yes, I have been looking up that manual but, I couldn't.

Abhijeet will search for an old Dessess (sp?) manual, which gives classical drift-diffusion equations and parameters in great detail, along with links to relevant papers.

  • Q2) Now I have a question. Why are we using PROPHET? I found that there are many other TCAD tools, SUPREM, PISCES, DESSIS, DIOS, etc... So why PROPHET? Do we have any special reasons?
  • Q3) I got error messages while compiling on workspace These messages came out when I compiled with "Make" in "app-prophet/src" which is the step 7 in README file of prophet. What is the proplem?