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     1= Prophet Nanowire: Tool Information Page = 
     3Each tool on nanoHUB has an information page that provides a description 
     4of the tool, related resources, and credits.  For example, this page 
     5describes the Quantum Dot Lab: 
     8As a first step toward building that page for your tool, edit this page 
     9and fill in the sections below. 
     11== Contributors == 
     13''Who should be credited with contributing this tool?  Who worked on it?'' 
     14''Please list all of the authors for this work, in order of importance'' 
     15''from top to bottom:'' 
     17||'''Contributor Name'''||'''nanoHUB login or other contact information'''|| 
     18||Joe Programmer||joep|| 
     19||Jane Researcher||Some University|| 
     20||Bob Helper|||| 
     22''NOTE:  You can supply more details about the contributions these people made and other acknowledgements in the '''Credits''' section below.'' 
     24== At a Glance == 
     26''This is a one-line description of your tool:'' 
     28Nanowire classical using Prophet 
     30== Description == 
     32''Fill in a longer description (few paragraphs) about your tool here:'' 
     34Blah, blah, blah... 
     36== Related Resources == 
     38''Are there any related seminars, tutorials, homework assignments, or other items on nanoHUB?  Any other books or references that help explain the theory?  If so, list them here:'' 
     40 * 
     41 * Chapter 7 in ''Important Book'' by Joe Programmer, Addison-Wesley, 2005. 
     44== Powered By == 
     46''Is your tool built on top of some other well-known simulator or engine?  If so, then credit that simulator here:'' 
     48Powered by Other Tool developed at Some University.  For more details, see 
     50== Credits == 
     52''Was your tool built by a large team of people?  Then describe their roles here:'' 
     55||Joe Programmer, Jane Researcher||Core engine|| 
     56||Bob Helper||GUI development|| 
     57||I.M. Smart||Theory|| 
     59''Was this work funded by a grant?  Give thanks here:'' 
     61This work was funded by the Society of Deep Pockets (SDP) and 
     62the Network for Huge Projects (NHP). 
     64== Citations == 
     66''How would you like people to cite this work?  Here's a suggestion:'' 
     68If you are using the tool for any publication, we request that you cite: 
     69 1. "My Paper," Joe Programmer, Jane Researcher, Extra Special Journal Volume 3, No. 5 pp 123-456 (2006). 
     70 1. Simulations were performed by Prophet Nanowire on